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Ravens Shut Down Jets

Despite other important news stories such as Rahm Emanuel's mayoral race, the onset of football season means sports stories are dominating the news.  In the opening game for the Jets' new stadium, the Baltimore Ravens delivered a sound blow to this upstart franchise and defeated them in front of close to 80,000 fans in person and millions more watching on TV. Winning by using a trademark punishing defense and just enough offense to outscore the other team, the Ravens won the game 10 to 9. But that final score did not reflect the physical beating the teams gave out to its New York counterparts throughout the course of the game.

Baltimore Controls Line of Scrimmage

Playing in front of folks chanting for the Jets, the Ravens still managed to control the game by controlling the line of scrimmage whenever the Jets had the ball. New York was held to just six first downs all day, and Mark Sanchez was limited to well under 100 yards passing in a dismal performance. The game was hard fought but sloppy on both sides. Nevertheless, fans opened up the new stadium with flair, loudly cheering for the hometown heroes throughout the game. In spite of the Ravens victory, it appears as though the New York fan base is primed and ready for a big season following last year's unlikely NFC Championship Game appearance and an offseason that featured huge free agent spending by the team.

The fact that people are coming out in such droves is great news for the NY footballers, who need to sell out the stadium every week to help recoup the huge financial investment it represents. But fans are not going to be happy for very long if games like this Ravens loss keep popping up on the schedule. This team has high expectations and massive hype following their swashbuckling summer and the cable TV reality show that documented it.

Football Fans and Car Travel

Since the team plays in East Rutherford, New Jersey, many people have to drive in from NY for home games. It must seem strange for New Yorkers to have to leave the state to see their team play, but that is just the reality of the situation. Like football fans everywhere, these aficionados pack up their cars for trips of varying length and distance to get to the games and take in all of the action. They don't get to see the Ravens come into town every week, which is evidently a good thing judging by what was witnessed here Monday night. But they do get to see their team put on a show.

For many sports fans, especially football fans, the car travel is a big part of the whole experience. They fill coolers up with barbeque supplies and drinks and head on out to the parking lots to tailgate and throw footballs around all day. The drive in to the stadium is sometimes stressful due to heavy traffic, with everyone else heading in the exact same direction at the same time. This can cause some accidents and other problems. Additionally, during sporting events, pranksters and thieves are sometimes at their worst out in the parking lots, stealing cars and vandalizing vehicles. For anyone who takes their cars into such unprotected public settings, top rate car insurance is absolutely essential.

Car Insurance and Football

The connection between auto insurance and football might not be an instinctive one, except in cases where insurance companies sponsor stadiums to get their naming rights. But folks who drive down to these events have to be protected, because so much can go wrong in our vehicles while we are out at these places. The aforementioned vandals and thieves are threats while the car is unattended and we're in the stadium watching the Ravens. But there is also the trip out to the game, characterized by heavy traffic, and the trip back home, where disappointed drivers who watched their teams lose to teams like the Ravens maybe have had too much to drink or are overtired when they get behind the wheel. It doesn't take a very big mistake to cause a big accident.

Motorists who regularly travel to these types of gatherings, such as season ticket holders, have got to evaluate the coverage on the auto insurance policies they carry to make sure they are sufficient. Get free auto insurance quotes if you are unsure or if you're interested in exploring some different options for auto insurance. Find out if what you're spending represents your best deal, and see if the coverage you've got is really what you need.

Use the free quote form at the top of this page and submit it to get free estimates from car insurance companies serving your local area. As a driver and auto owner you have the right to good prices and adequate protection you can count on, even if you're a Ravens fan.


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