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Refinancing with Credit Unions

Refinancing with credit unions is a great opportunity for those who have existing loans that they want to be able to pay off sooner. A lot of times drivers get themselves into financing situations that end up costing them a lot more money than their vehicles are worth. In these situations, drivers can have a hard time paying for these costs and sometimes need to seek refinancing options. Credit unions are an often overlooked option that more drivers need to consider whenever they are having an issues with their payments, are looking to add safety features like back up cameras, and want to refinance

Benefits of Credit Unions

Credit unions can offer really low interest rates for those who choose to refinance their vehicles through them. This is because they are not for-profit organizations like major banks and other financial institutions are. Banks are only looking out for investors and are seeking lots of ways to make money off of their customers. Credit unions are not doing the same thing, as they exist for the benefit of their customers only and no one else. As such, credit unions can offer the best rates that will benefit their members.

Another great benefit of credit unions is that they are really flexible when it comes to the term of a loan and on repayment options. A lot of credit unions out there will offer a variety of different terms for loans, including short-term loans and several long-term loan options. In addition to this, many credit unions will offer a variety of ways that customers can get a break on the repayment of their loans. Some credit unions allow customers to skip a month of payment each year, and others will offer cash back schemes to new customers to help them pay down their loans all that much faster.

Credit unions are generally small organizations, and this means that customers get treated like they belong to a small organization rather than a large one. If you get your refinancing options from a large bank, it’s likely that you are going to become just another number. If you have questions about your loan or if you have trouble with a payment, it’s not likely that you are going to find someone who knows you personally and can offer you some advice or help. With a credit union, you will have the opportunity to get to know your loan providers personally, and you can develop strong relationships with them as you work to pay back your loan. This kind of personal, close relationship will make you feel cared for and not like you are just another number.

Things to Remember

When you are looking to refinance your car with a credit union, you need to remember that a lot of places have different rules about financing. For example, a lot of places won’t refinance a car if it is over a certain number of years old. Usually, if your car is over five years, you may have some trouble refinancing it; however, that does not mean that you should give up on looking. Not all credit unions are the same, and there are always some exceptions to policies. Don’t be afraid to ask around and see what you can come up with.

If you do choose to refinance with a credit union, you will have to become member of the union to do so. Oftentimes, new members are admitted for free and it costs little to open a checking or savings account; however, all credit unions are different and you will need to get the exact rules of joining from the provider.


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