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Reggie Bush Breaks Leg

Even with news that that the economic recession is over according to experts, some people may still find it hard to be cheerful as the New Orleans Saints' all purpose running back and punt returner Reggie Bush injured his leg during a game against the San Francisco 49ers and had to leave the game. The Reggie Bush injury occurred during a punt return play. He waited to field a punt that was headed his way, and later reported that the ball seemed to shift a little right at the end of its flight, just enough to cause him to drop it when it reached him. The Reggie Bush injury occurred when he chased after the loose ball and dove on top of it, and then was piled upon in the scrum to get to the football.

Broken Fibula Sidelines Saints Star

Reggie Bush was taken off of the field with the help of some team personnel. He ended up missing the rest of the game against the 49ers, which the Saints ended up winning in dramatic fashion. Later he was diagnosed with a fracture in the right fibula. The injury is not career threatening and is expected to heal. Another piece of good news is that the Reggie Bush injury will not require any surgery to repair. In a short time period, he was already walking without crutches or a cast and saying he felt like he was ahead of schedule in his recovery. But the prognosis for an injury like this is normally around six weeks (about as long as it would take to find car insurance without a free auto insurance quote), and that is exactly what Reggie Bush was told about his leg.

Injury Follows Heisman Scandal

The unfortunate Reggie Bush injury continues what has been a troublesome period of time for the young football star. Just days before the Reggie Bush injury, the New Orleans Saint and former USC Trojan decided to give back his 2005 Heisman Trophy given to him as the best player in college football that year, on the heels of scandal and revelations that he and his family received inappropriate gifts and money while he was a student athlete at Southern California. The school has also been sanctioned for lack of institutional control in the wake of the scandal, ineligible to participate in bowl games and losing a number of scholarships for each of the next two years.

The Reggie Bush injury effectively cuts his season in half, but the team is expected to cope well without him for this time period thanks to depth at the running back position. Reggie Bush is not even the starter at the tailback spot necessarily. His value comes not so much in that area as it does in his versatility. That is the way the Reggie Bush injury will most affect the Saints. He does a good job pass blocking and running short slant routes out of the backfield, and is a weapon they can use to draw would be pass rushers out from the line of scrimmage even on plays where he does not see the ball.

Any injury to an athlete can set them back for longer than it takes for the wound or break to heal. An athlete's conditioning is extremely important. If he is unable to work out regularly and stay in shape while on the sidelines, he can have trouble getting up to speed upon return. This might be the biggest concern with this particular injury. The New Orleans Saints will certainly need their all purpose utility man as the last half of the season rolls around. The Reggie Bush injury could have an impact on the Super Bowl champs' ability to repeat, so a return to full health is in the best interests of the entire team.


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