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Renton Car Insurance

Renton car insurance plans are your first line of defense against the various hazards awaiting you on Renton roads. Located just 11 miles southeast of Seattle, WA, your buzzing home town of Renton is packed with a little under 91,000 residents. Renton, WA is home to several huge business names, includig Boeing and an office of the Federal Aviation Administration. With employees commuting from Seattle to Renton or vice versa, truckers taking product shipments up and down Interstate 5, tens of thousands of drivers on the roads every day, and some of them being uninsured, are all hazards you face every day. Renton vehicle insurance plans offer you an ideal way to make sure that no matter what happens on the road, you'll be covered.

Why You Need Insurance

Every state has laws that require all drivers on the road to be able to show proof of having car insurance when asked by an official person such as a police officer or a DMV employee. The consequences a driver faces when they are unable to show proof of Washington vehicle insurance when asked for it include a minimum of a $450 fine, suspension of their license, inability to renew the registration on their car, and continued fines for repeat offenses.

Above and beyond protecting you from the legal consequences of not having a car insurance policy, Renton auto insurance plans protect you from the financial dangers of getting in to a car accident. Without a coverage plan of your own, if you are found to be at fault for the car accident, the full financial responsibility of the cost of repairs will fall to you to pay out of pocket. Most policies offer an option for coverage against uninsured drivers so that if another driver hits you and does not have a coverage plan, you will still be able to get your car fixed.

What Washington Requires

As stated before, every state has their own set of minimum requirements for car insurance. Plans in Renton, WA, and throughout the state, must have 25/50/10 coverage. Those numbers means that every Renton car insurance plan must have a minimum of $25,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage per person per accident up to $50,000 total per accident, and an additional $10,000 Property Damage Liability coverage. You may be wondering where these numbers come from. Each state bases their minimum car insurance requirements on the average costs of repairing the damage caused by vehicle accidents.

If a person were to choose to not have Renton car insurance, or any coverage plan, with the bare minimum of requirements and they were involved in an accident, that person would face the potential of being held responsible for the cost of repairing the damage to both vehicles above and beyond what is covered by their plan. Most likely what would happen to them is they would be sued and taken to court to have a judgment signed against them stating that they must pay for the remaining cost of damage out of their own pocket. State minimums for group auto insurance coverage are designed to prevent these types of cases from happening.

What You Might Want to Add

Regardless of what consequences or encouragements states put in place to convince drivers not to get on the road without the proper coverage, there are still those who choose to do so anyway. Earlier, we saw that these drivers are known as uninsured drivers. Many of those people choose to not have coverage because they feel that they cannot afford the monthly cost. One can safely assume that a person who feels the pinch of the economy that much will not have the means to repair your vehicle out of pocket. Renton car insurance companies offer you the option of protecting yourself against these drivers by adding what is called Uninsured Motorist Coverage to your plan.

Something you cannot choose to add, but can and should apply for, are the various discounts that most Renton car insurance companies offer. Each company may not have the exact same discounts offered, but some of the most common ones are clean driving record discounts, discounts for taking a safe driving course, and discounts for students who get good grades in school. Some Renton automobile insurance companies allow discounts to be combined in to super savings for you and all other drivers in Renton, Washington.

Renton car insurance companies are just waiting for you to enter your information. Once you do, multiple companies will promptly send you price quotes on various plans they offer and allow you to read and compare them at your leisure. When it comes to vehicle coverage plans, you can certainly rest assured that your local Washington options will provide you with at least one option that will suit all of your vehicle coverage needs.


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