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Replacing an Auto Exhaust Pipe

Replacing an auto exhaust pipe is one of those tasks that’s really important to get done to avoid trouble with noise and exhaust ordinances. It is also great to get it done on your own because this can save you a lot of money on the job. Most people find when they actually look into these things that the job is something they can manage on their own if they have the time to put into the job and the tools to do it. Whether it was caused by rust from road salt or any other reason, chances are you might have had to get an exhaust pipe replaced at one time or another. Do it yourself and save some money.

Find Parts for Auto Exhaust

First, similar to replacing a muffler,  make sure that the problem that needs to be addressed is caused by the exhaust pipe or area of interest. Then, get the information you need to ensure you get the right parts for the job. This is easy to do by just looking in the owner’s manual for the car or by visiting your local auto parts store. Getting the right parts is important, and actually this is something you need to verify before tearing into the car. In the event that you had the wrong part, the old rusted pipe might be very hard to put back on even temporarily.

Removing Old Car Exhaust Pipe

Next remove the old pipe to get ready for replacement. Make sure the car is secure with a jack or with ramps and get enough room under there to work safely. Safety is very important to this and any other repair job. Be sure the car is blocked off and that it won’t budge or come off the jacks while you are working. Take off the old pipe for the exhaust by releasing the clamp that’s located at the end of the header pipe.

There may be some rusted or stubborn bolts to deal with. If you have an impact gun or access to one, this is obviously the easiest way to go with the job. But if you can just get some lubricant in there like WD40 or some similar product, it can help loosen things up enough to get them removed.

Installing the Replacement Exhaust Pipe

Pull the bottom of the pipe out slightly and get the header lined up with the exhaust port towards the front of the car. Push that header all the way in and fasten the clamp. Remove the old copper crush gasket, which can be found inside the exhaust pipe port. Get it cleaned out by scraping it with a flat head screwdriver. Beginning at the front end of the system, attach the bolts and tighten them, working your way to the back. Make sure that all the bolts are tightened by testing each one once you are finished and see that the pipe end lines up the right way with the back bumper of the car.

At this point the job is done and you can get the car safely back to the ground off of your jacks or ramps. Go ahead and start the car and step on the gas to listen to the exhaust. If the job was successful, you should hear a lot less than you did before and hopefully see less smoke as well, especially from underneath the car. Getting a job like this done really isn’t that complex and anyone with moderate skills can complete it if they have the time. Save money and replace auto car exhaust pipes on your own.


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