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Replacing a Headlight Bulb

Replacing a headlight bulb is a simple and very important car repair to go ahead and get done as quickly as possible once you notice that this problem exists. Of course it looks tacky to have a burned out bulb, but it is also a safety issue as well. Obviously there is a functional reason why they are there in the first place, so when a bulb burns out, you should act quickly. Aside from safety this also prevents trouble with law enforcement officers.

Removing Headlight Covers

In older cars, there may be external screws mounting the headlight housing in place. In newer cars, this is not usually the case. In either case, it is usually not hard to determine how to get access. When you do, you might actually find that it is not necessary to totally remove the fixture to replace a burned out headlight bulb. In fact, many makes and models are now equipped this way.

Sometimes it is extremely simple. You might only have to turn the socket a quarter turn and switch it out without any tools at all. But there are times when it is a little more work. Even when this is the case, it is not all that hard to replace a burned out headlight bulb for your car, but it is a step in preventive car maintenance that keeps you safe on the road.

Headlight Replacing Methods

If the manufacturer of the car you own decided not to include that nice, easy feature to switch out bulbs, the job can still be done pretty easily. There may be fasteners that have to be removed in order to give you access to the headlight housing. Usually the fasteners are made of plastic. Sometimes they are screwed into place and just require a screwdriver to remove. Sometimes there is a little more work involved; it just depends on the make and model of the vehicle. But in the majority of cases the work required will be very apparent just from getting a visual on the area.

Tips for Replacing Headlights

While you are completing this task, there are a few simple tips that can make the time you spent even more productive and worthwhile. For example, you might think about using petroleum jelly or other lubricant to prevent corrosion later. You also may consider upgrading bulbs to an amber colored lens, which will cut down on glare but still deliver just as much light for you. As far as determining the size and type of bulb to buy, there are a few options. You could refer to your owner’s manual if it still exists, check online, or simply remove the old one and take it in to the auto parts store.

LED bulbs are also widely available for just about any make and model. There are many advantages to using an LED bulb instead of a standard incandescent; they last longer, produce far less heat, and actually achieve full power in less time, something that not a lot of people realize. There are different brands and products available and it is good to take a close look at each one to make sure you choose one that is going to be powerful enough to really do the job.

Replacing headlight bulbs is a very simple job, and it is also a project that can turn into an opportunity to make a small but important improvement in your used vehicle. This is one project that you should never have to pay someone else to do. With a little time and effort, anyone can replace the headlight lamps on their cars and save money.


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