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Roadside Assistance and Car Insurance

Roadside assistance and car insurance are often interrelated because this feature is sometimes offered as an extra benefit by auto insurance providers. Sometimes it is included standard with a policy, and sometimes it can be included as a rider for an additional fee. Emergency roadside assistance is an extremely valuable asset to have in your back pocket that you might miss out on with no drivers license insurance. Many drivers across the country fight road construction, heavy traffic and the weather every day in their commute to and from work. Others travel all over the country on business trips or vacations. Even those of us who only drive locally can come across problems from a flat tire to a blown engine. Pairing up roadside assistance and car insurance is an excellent way to increase the value of your policy and the reach of the protection it provides.

Preparation for Car Troubles

Every driver should be adequately prepared to deal with auto troubles every time they get behind the wheel of a car. Roadside assistance plans are a good start, an important part of an overall package of items designed to help you in these situations. These days, a cell phone is indispensible, and motorists really ought to have one with them at all times. This is in addition to a functional spare tire, a roadside emergency kit containing triangles, jumper cables and the like, and blankets and other necessities to keep you warm if you get stranded in the winter weather. The presence of a cell phone alone can help drivers more effectively deal with any situation, particularly when the need for towing and/or being picked up arises. Roadside assistance coverage is great, but you have to be able to use it for it to have any value.

These service plans come in all shapes and sizes. Credit card companies, cell phone providers, and auto insurers all feature some form of emergency roadside assistance plans that driver can take advantage of. The one you select will likely depend on the specific coverage offered by each plan you're considering and the cost of these plans. Auto and travel clubs also typically include this type of service in their membership packages, so that is another wrinkle worth investigating. Some of the plans just contain basic towing services, with some of them only being good for a single tow per calendar year limited by the number of miles driven to the drop off point.

But others go far beyond this level, including extra benefits to enhance the value of this important coverage. Just knowing you have the means to get a car towed home or to the shop can be important. But having these extra benefits can mean even more for some drivers. Things like key replacement to helping you plan the route for the next leg of your journey can come in handy for some people, but are above and beyond what others are looking for. It is up to individual drivers and policy holders to examine the different plans they have access to and compare them by cost and coverage to find cheap insurance for cars. Find out which one best meets your needs and fits your budget.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Not every driver needs the all encompassing plan that follows the car with a satellite and can make calls on your behalf when something comes up. But for others, opting for towing alone might not be sufficient. When examining the different options set before you, take the time to study each option and find out exactly what it covers and what it does not cover. For example, some policies are only good for a single specified car, while others are good no matter what vehicle you're driving. Often mileage restrictions apply. Free tows usually can only cover a specific maximum distance to a repair shop or your house. Drivers need to know exactly what they are getting before they decide on a plan. Do not wait until you're stranded in a snowstorm to find out the hard way about limitations and exclusions of the coverage you've paid for.

One important thing to remember is that like all features of an auto insurance policy, emergency roadside assistance is there when you need it, but should not be used when you do not. In other words, refraining from making too much use of this service whether it is a "free" portion of your policy or it costs extra will help you keep your overall rates low. If you've got a flat tire and can change it yourself, it's best to get down there and do it. If you need a jump and can flag down another motorist to help, try to do it so you don't pay for years for the events of an unfortunate morning. Emergency roadside assistance is truly for emergencies only.


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