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Rockdale Car Insurance

Rockdale car insurance helps ensure your financial security each time you hit the road. Driving exposes you to uncertainty, since all drivers rely on their fellow motorists to be responsible. Even the most responsible drivers are susceptible to dangerous road conditions and simple human error, and a collision can happen to anyone. Rather than worry what a wreck might do to your savings, protect yourself with Rockdale car insurance.

Rockdale is a city 60 miles northeast of Austin in central Texas. Rockdale is far enough from Austin to be free of city traffic and high housing costs, but close enough to enjoy the amenities of the Texas capital on weekends. Whether residents here are making frequent trips into the city or tackling the rural roads of Rockdale, a comprehensive Austin car insurance policy can be a useful investment in their financial futures.

State Insurance Requirements

All TX drivers must carry car insurance as part of the state's financial responsibility law. As a general rule, you must pay for the damage you cause. Liability coverage pays for the other driver's medical bills and car repairs when you are at fault for an accident.

The state sets a minimum amount of coverage for Rockdale automobile insurance. The state-mandated minimum limits are $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident for bodily injury liability to pay for medical expenses of the driver and her passengers. Drivers must also carry property damage liability of at least $25,000 to pay for the other driver's car repairs and other property damaged in the accident. The shorthand designation for this coverage is 30/60/25.

Liability coverage pays for more than just the medical and car repair bills of the other driver. It can also cover legal fees and court-awarded damages if you are sued for negligence. If the other driver is severely injured, liability can help pay lost wages and pain and suffering. The state minimum limits can be exhausted very quickly in a major accident, so consider raising your limits as high as you can afford.

To prove you are in compliance with state laws, the Rockdale car insurance company will provide you with proof of insurance cards. One of these should always stay in the glove box, and a copy can be carried in your wallet. You must be able to provide this Texas auto insurance card when asked by a police officer, when you are involved in an accident, when you renew your vehicle registration, when you renew your driver's license and when you have your car inspected. If you are found to be in violation of the TX financial responsibility law, there is a gradation of penalties from fines to license suspension to jail time.

Protecting Yourself After an Accident

Liability is required by law to cover damage you caused, but it does nothing to pay for the expenses you incur in an at-fault accident. To cover those costs, there are several forms of Rockdale car insurance available. Not every form of coverage is necessary for all Rockdale drivers, so talk to a Rockdale car insurance agent to explore your options.

Most Rockdale drivers can benefit from collision coverage, which pays for your own car repairs after you cause an accident. The limits should reflect the value of the vehicle. Collision is not always recommended for drivers whose cars are worth less than $5,000. Your agent might advise otherwise, and you can vet that recommendation with a trusted mechanic. The deductible might be too high to make collision coverage worthwhile for an old or worn out car.

To pay for your own medical bills and those of your passengers, medical payments coverage is available in a range of limits. People who have good existing health insurance might not need this additional coverage, but it is useful if the deductible is lower or the benefits are better than your existing plan. Keep in mind that you must meet your Rockdale auto insurance deductible each time you make a claim instead of once a year as with health insurance.

Another option is personal injury protection, which covers expenses beyond regular hospital procedures. PIP covers things like in-home care and lost wages after a serious accident. Your existing disability coverage might offer sufficient benefits, but compare the two plans to be sure you are fully covered.

People living in rural areas like Rockdale face dangers on the roads besides traffic. You could hit a deer or other wildlife. A tornado could even destroy your vehicle. For non-collision accidents, Rockdale vehicle insurance provides comprehensive coverage to pay for damage to your vehicle. Your comprehensive limits should reflect the value of the car.

Rockdale car insurance gives drivers peace of mind and financial security when they hit the road. Insuring the whole family keeps your goals in sight and your credit intact. Fill out our easy-to-use form for more information today.


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