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Rocklin Car Insurance

Rocklin car insurance is something that every resident of Rocklin needs. Whether you only drive your car to work and back or you enjoy cruising around the scenic California area, insurance is something that you need to devote some time to. As free thinking as the residents of California may appear to the rest of the United States, their laws regarding basic car insurance guidelines are not something that drivers should toy with. If you own a car in Rocklin or anywhere else in CA, you need car insurance.

Basic Rocklin Vehicle Insurance Guidelines

If you live in Rocklin then you have to follow the law as deemed by the state of California simply because Rocklin is located there. Though you are welcome to purchase more California auto insurance coverage than the state require, you must meet their minimum standards in order to stay with the letter of the law.

Your car insurance policy must allow for coverage for drivers of their vehicles should you get into an accident. The coverage required by law has nothing to do with covering your own vehicle. You must have $15,000 worth of coverage in the event of the death or injury of one person as well as $30,000 worth of coverage in the event of the injury or death of more than one person. You coverage must also allow for $5,000 worth of insurance toward any property damage if there is an accident.

Always keep in mind that the type of auto insurance coverage that the law describes is liability. What this means is that you are actually looking out for other drivers and hoping that they have followed the law as well and are looking out for your interests. Your liability plan does nothing to cover your own property if you should get into an accident, whether it was your fault or not. The law was put into place so that people didn't have to submit claims to their own policy because of someone else's carelessness. Instead, every driver is responsible to his or her fellow drivers for making sure they have adequate coverage that will be put into effect if there is some type of accident.

Let's face it; accidents happen regardless of how careful you tend to be. Mechanical failure, weather and other detail outside of your control all have a part to play in the safety of the people who drive a car on the road. Even the most considerate of drivers can't do much i their brakes fail or they hit an icy patch on a mountain road. Granted, CA isn't known for blizzards and such, but this state is known for things like earthquakes. If you don't think that even a minor quake will cause you distress and may change your effectiveness as a driver, you might be over-estimating your own capabilities as a driver.

Lacking Rocklin Auto Insurance

Rocklin automobile insurance requirements aren't things that are optional if you plan to drive your car in CA. If you live in Rocklin and drive a car, you have to meet the minimum requirements. If you need to justify the expense to yourself, think about your neighbors in Rocklin. Do you want to cause them financial distress if a car accident should happen? Maybe you're someone who just doesn't think that things like Rocklin car insurance are something you need to concern yourself with. Maybe you have never had an accident and don't believe it could ever happen to you. In that case, it may be a good idea to review what can happen if you don't carry Rocklin car insurance.

Your registration can be suspended. Neither you nor anyone else is allowed to legally drive anything that doesn't have a valid registration. The company that you purchase your policy from is required to submit information to the license branch when someone opens a new policy or is pulled over. If the state finds that you don't have Rocklin car insurance, your registration will be suspended.

It can also be suspended if you provide false Rocklin car insurance information when you apply for your registration. You have up to 30 days to submit valid information after you apply for registration. If your registration is suspended, regardless of the reason, you may also receive a citation and have to pay impound fees. You will also be financially liable in the event of an accident.

In all reality, the best way that you can protect your own assets and be within the letter of the law is to have Rocklin car insurance. There are plans to meet your financial needs, whether you want to pay by the month, the year or even every six months. Most companies are willing to work with you to meet your needs so you can rest easy.


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