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Rolls Royce Car Insurance

When you are driving a Rolls Royce, regardless of the model, the make or the year, you are going to want to ensure your vehicle is protected; that is why Rolls Royce car insurance is of utmost importance. Rolls Royce Motor Groups is part of the BMW Group that offers prestigious luxury vehicles that ooze with style, success and exclusivity. Driving and owning this luxury vehicle is an experience like no other and this is one of the most important reasons why you need to protect your vehicle with the right Rolls Royce auto insurance. Something as elusive as a Rolls Royce deserves only the very best.

The Rolls Royce Name and Attitude

Although the RR name has been around for over 100 years, only recently has the company transferred to the BMW Group. Before 2003, the prestigious vehicles were manufactured under Rolls Royce Limited and then Rolls Royce Motors which was owned by Vickers and then by Volkswagen. In 2003, Rolls Royce Motors changed to the Bentley Motors Limited and the luxury name headed over to the BMW Group.

Although the name and the ownership are a little confusing, one thing remains consistent when it comes to this luxury vehicle and that is the commitment to the utmost quality on the road. The engineering, quality and design of these models are nothing short of incredible which is evident in their two 2010 models- the Ghost and the Phantom. The exclusivity and elusiveness of these two models make them a favorite for those of certain distinguished driving tastes.

The Ghost is the purest form of Rolls Royce that thrives on simplicity and joy. From the beautifully crafted interior to the undeniably sexy shape, the Ghost was designed with one thing in mind - pleasure. The Ghost is a four door model that is more compact than the original versions put out by this company.

The Phantom has been a favorite at car shows around the world and comes in a dropdown coupe and coupe model. The Phantom is many people's answer to a luxury car with so much more including classic proportions, powerful presence and breathtaking detailing that will leave you breathless. Both the Ghost and the Phantom are named so because of their incredibly weightlessness on the road.
There are also several models on the road and in garages across America that can be considered antiques or collectibles. The Silver Shadow, the Silver Cloud and the Silver Dawn are three of these luxuries older models. For those car collectors, keep in mind that Rolls Royce vehicle insurance is not only for drivers but also for collectors as well. After all, the last thing you want to see when you open your garage is a vandalized collectable. You need to protect your baby both on and off the road as best as possible.

The Best Rolls Royce Car Insurance Protection

Below are five tips to ensure you are getting the very best out of your Rolls Royce car insurance policy:

• Check the Companies Credibility - there are hundreds of different coverage carriers out there, all of which want your service. One of the ways they will do this is to offer you the cheapest Rolls Royce automobile insurance rate out there. The price you pay for car insurance is always important, no matter what type of vehicle you drive; however, it is also important that you go with a vehicle coverage carrier with a name you can trust. After all, you are not insuring some beat up old truck; you are insuring a Ghost, Phantom or other luxury model and these types of vehicles demands only the best. When you are searching for online Rolls Royce car insurance quotes, make sure you double check the credibility of the company. Check their website; learn their history and discover the claim process. The last thing you want is a coverage carrier that will not provide you with the highest level of service if something does go wrong.

• Always Compare - many drivers will simply go with whatever car insurance the dealership suggests. Sure, this may save you some time but are you really getting the best Rolls Royce car insurance offer? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your car insurance including extras, deductibles and carrier offers. A simple online search can help you determine the best Rolls Royce auto insurance carrier for your needs. Your driving needs are individual- shouldn't your choice of car insurance be as well?

• Insure for all Situations - another thing you might want to consider when it comes to your Rolls Royce car insurance needs is what is included in your policy. Sure, you will need the basic liability coverage to protect those in an accident if you are to blame but what about the extras? Most drivers will insist on all the extras. After all, with the luxurious price tag that comes with the Ghost, Phantom or other models, you want to ensure you are protecting your baby from all situations. Comprehensive insurance will protect your car in case of a flood, a fire, a hurricane, vandalism, theft or any other third party damage to your car. Collision coverage will pay for the damages your vehicle faces if you are in an accident. Make sure you look at the deductible rate to see how much your insurance company will pay. You should also look into medical insurance and vehicle renter insurance, especially if the Rolls Royce is your only vehicle. The best way to protect your baby from all problems is to insure for all occasions. After all, you just never know what lies around the corner.

• Anti Theft Devices - you want to make sure you are protecting your car both on and off the road. This means that, in addition to getting the best Rolls Royce vehicle insurance, that you should also look into anti theft devices including car alarms, tire guards and tracking devices. You also should always park your car in an enclosed area such as a garage and if you are parking away from home late at night, make sure you choose an area that is well lit, or, even better, undercover and enclosed.

• Drive responsibility - finally, your best protection in regards to Rolls Royce car insurance is to drive safely. Know the rules on the road and be aware of any dangers. If the weather is bad, consider taking another vehicle or driving extra slow. If your cell phone rings or beeps while driving, resist the urge to pick it up. If the streets are busy, make sure you are extra cautious. And, most importantly, if you have had a drink or two, then do not get in the car.

Taking the High Road to Rolls Royce Car Insurance

When it comes to choosing the right Rolls Royce car insurance for your needs, price is often no option. After all, the Ghost and Phantom do not come with a cheap price tag and neither do any of the older models of this prestigious vehicle. However, as most drivers would agree, price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to Rolls Royce automobile insurance - protection is. So do your research on the car insurance carriers, premiums and policies in order to ensure your vehicle is protected from anything and everything that lies ahead.


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