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Romelu Lukaku Scores First International Goals

Kate and Prince William aren't the only Europeans having an amazing year - In only his eighth international game since being named to the Belgium national soccer team, 17 year old sensation Romelu Lukaku scored not just one but two goals in a friendly match against Russia's national team on November 17. Romelu Lukaku is an international sensation, a young player much different from some other very young prodigies that have come up in recent years such as Freddie Adu in the fact that there is nothing childlike about him physically. Not even eighteen yet, he is six foot three and looks more like an American football player than a European footballer.

He is used to playing against older players, so his promotion to the pro leagues at age 16 and his inclusion on the Belgium national team probably caused him very little worry if any. With talent like he has and a nose for the back of the net like he possesses, there is no reason for any player to have that kind of fear. Romelu Lukaku is just getting started in his pro career since he is so young. When he turned 16 he signed with Anderlecht, a Belgian team, and has gone on to dominate, becoming the leading scorer in the Belgian First Division of the Pro League for 2009-10 while still only 16 [1].

Son of Footballer Roger Lukaku

In the case of this soccer star, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, as Romelu Lukaku is the son of former pro soccer star Roger Lukaku. He has been a huge sensation ever since he was very young, regularly playing against much older players and dominating them because of his unusual size and his tremendous abilities. At age 15, for example, he scored 26 goals and led the league he was playing in despite the fact that he was playing mostly against players who were four years older than him. It is a testament to his start power and prodigious goal scoring ability that he has been able to do all of this so quickly and so consistently early on in his career.

Real Madrid to Sign Romelu Lukaku

Predictably enough, it does not appear as though the wunderkind will play past his original two year contract with his current team Anderlecht. For months now, there have been varying reports indicating that one pro team after another was interested in his services. Now it appears as though Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid has won the bidding war, with talk coming out to the effect that Real Madrid will sign a deal with Anderlecht and Romelu Lukaku in January of 2011 at the close of the current season. Whether or not this is true (and there does appear to be a very strong possibility that it is true), it is obvious enough that Romelu Lukaku is going to be packing his bags soon and departing from his native Belgium for the next stop in what seems destined to be a great soccer career.

With the talents and physical abilities possessed by Romelu Lukaku, it almost seems as though age to him is nothing of any consequence. Barely enough to get family auto insurance, he is already wanted by all of the top soccer clubs across the continent. Romelu Lukaku will end up at Real Madrid probably by the time all is said and done; and with his great knack for scoring and for physical play, seems as though he is going to become the Spanish team's next big star. Romelu Lukaku has a big career coming up ahead for him.

[1] Retrieved 2010-11-22.


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