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Reynolds the Sexiest Divorcee Alive

Ryan Reynolds has gone from being a no name starving actor into the sexiest man alive in just a little over a decade. Not only has his career taken off, but he was also lucky enough to marry someone nearly as beautiful as himself. Although his marriage to Scarlett Johansson lasted a mere two years, some would say that makes Ryan Reynolds the luckiest man alive. The web chat that this split has created seems to have one thing in common; everyone is amazed that either of these gorgeous people would not want to be with each other. Women all over the web are aghast that someone would toss Ryan Reynolds aside while men are jumping over each other to offer themselves as the next Ryan Reynolds replacement. No matter what people's reaction, this split is just another in a long line of jinxed Hollywood romances and not even the news of Sal Alosi and his suspension from the Jets can make bigger headlines.

Short Hollywood Marriages

Ryan Reynolds has become another victim in what seems to be an epidemic in the entertainment industry. Relationships are over before they even have a chance to start. The United States in general has a very high divorce rate, but for the rich and famous the chance that a marriage will last is slim to none. If the sexiest man alive can't keep a woman then what chance does the average guy have? There must be something about a star's lifestyle that makes relationships hard to maintain. Either that kind of living is much harder on two people than normal, or famous people just give up a lot easier than the average couple. Hopefully Ryan Reynolds has learned a valuable lesson during this tough time and he will realize that being married to someone can be much harder than it looks.

Most of the time, when there is a breakup in Hollywood, the couple blames the separation on scheduling conflicts. The life of a movie star usually entails let setting all over the world filming in various beautiful locations. This leaves little room on schedule for quality time for their significant other. Ryan Reynolds pointed to this exact thing as a reason for his separation. Although at first glance this may seem like a valid argument, if you think about it some more you will realize that every couple struggles with not being able to spend enough time together. Many people work two jobs just to keep food on the table and barely get to see their spouse for a few hours a week. If Ryan Reynolds wasn't able to see Scarlett Johansson enough to keep them together then he really needs to check his priorities.

Making a Marriage Work

Ryan Reynolds may not have been able to make his marriage work, but that means very little to the everyday person. Most people are thinking about paying for college and broad form insurance for their kids before worrying about a celebrity's divorce. If there is one thing we can learn from the short term romances that play out in the tabloids, it is that in order to make something work you have to be willing to try really hard. Ryan Reynolds may not have tried hard enough to keep his wife, but that doesn't mean the average guy should give up too. Maybe beautiful people like Ryan Reynolds just have a hard time living normally and doing everyday things that are required when you are married. The celebrity couples who seem to make it last are the ones who also appear to be more like the average person.


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