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Safe Car Insurance Quotes

Safe car insurance quotes may vary from person to person and from company to company, but they generally accompany safe drivers. Safe drivers are those who do not get into accidents and do not file claims. Safe car insurance quotes may vary from person to person because of demographic barriers. For example, the fact that a 40 year old man is in fact 40 years old is nothing he can control. His age is a factor that the car insurance industry will use in setting his rates, just as his safe driving history is.

Credit Based Auto Insurance Scoring

Interestingly enough, the term "safe" in auto insurance circles does not completely refer to driving history or safe driving tendencies. Driving patterns and performance are certainly an important element, but they are only a part of the picture. A safe car insurance quote is one given to a driver who is looked upon as a safe risk to insure. While driving record is definitely an element in the process of assigning a safe label to someone, perhaps an even larger element is that credit score.

Credit based auto insurance scoring has been in use to some extent for decades now, and it has been an industry wide practice for at least a full generation. The drivers who are fortunate enough to fall into the lowest risk category will likely have very few or no accidents or claims on their record to speak of; but they will definitely not have any major marks on their credit. Companies selling auto insurance policies pull credit as routinely as any lender with whom you are seeking a bank loan. It is just an accepted part of the process (that is, accepted within the industry).

To achieve a "preferred driver" status or whatever similar designation your company uses to denote the lowest risk drivers, your credit record must be pristine. Even drivers who are just pulling for standard risk classification have to have fairly clean credit histories. It may seem very hard to believe, but experienced drivers who have very good driving records can be classified as high risk based on poor credit scores. For this reason, it is important to take good care of your credit and to do the very best you can to avoid negative marks on your record.

Importance of Credit to Insurance

The drivers who come back with the best credit based insurance scores will be offered coverage at the lowest rates. This is just one more way among many in which credit affects your personal or family finances. There are, of course, other factors that auto insurance companies take into account when deciding on safe car insurance quotes. For example, the age and driving experience are big factors. And as mentioned previously, driving record or driving performance is also important.

Young drivers without a whole lot of experience behind the wheel have the historical record working against them, so for them it can be next to impossible to find affordable auto insurance coverage. Shopping around can yield better deals but by and large these drivers just have to wait to turn 25 and up to really have a chance for the good prices. Even those with a good record so far in their career don't really get rewarded so much as they just don't pay as high of a youth surcharge.

Finding Affordable Car Insurance Quotes

Young drivers do have it tough when it comes to auto insurance premiums. They are at a disadvantage in at least two major ways. For one thing, they do not have sufficient experience behind the wheel to demonstrate that they are not a high risk to get into accidents and file large claims. This means that even if they are truly good and safe drivers, they don't get credit for it until later in life. And secondly, they don't have a long credit history established, and many people under 25 have not made many major purchases at all, so their ability to post a positive credit score is extremely limited.

In fact, many drivers in just such a situation are often told when they ask what they can do to save money on their high rates, that the only thing they can do is get older. The idea of safe drivers or safe car insurance quotes for drivers representing a low risk to insurance companies is tied to historical group demographic data both on the driving performance end and also on the credit side of things. As stated previously, there is sometimes not a whole lot young drivers can do to become supposedly safe drivers (according to insurers) except stay accident free and get older. Safe car insurance quotes with low rates are by and large reserved for older drivers.


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