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Safely Removing Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a great way for drivers to express themselves while on the road. They can add a little personality to your vehicle and let others known about your personal and professional interests. While these are great to have on your car, sometimes drivers decide that they don't want them anymore. If you are, for example, going to sell your vehicle, then you may want to get rid of the bumper stickers so that other buyers will be more interested in your car. If you're going to do this you need to do so safely.

Bumper stickers are not to be removed, as they are designed to stay on your car in most types of weather. As such, you may experience some difficulty when you are trying to remove one from your vehicle. You might be tempted to just go outside and start scraping, but this could cause a lot of damage to your bumper or the glass in your windows tht your Volkswagen carefree repair plan won't cover, if you own a Volkswagen. Instead of being rash, you need to take a careful approach to removing bumper stickers from your car and use the following tips.

Tips for Removal

Not all bumper stickers are going to be as difficult to remove as others, so you might need to try several different strategies for each one. It's really all going to depend just how stuck on they are to your vehicle. One of the first things that you can try is to spray the bumper stick with a type of lubricant. Most people will tend to use WD 40 to do this, but just make sure you use something safe for vehicles. Once you have sprayed the lubricant on your car, then try to peel the sticker off gently. If it doesn't work, you may need to use a different type of solution.

Another thing that might help you to safely remove the bumper sticker is to use a hot wet rag. You will want to soak this rag in boiling hot water and then apply it over top of the bumper sticker for at least 30 seconds. When doing this the hope is that you will loosen the adhesive on the back of the sticker and make it easier to peel off. When doing this, you need to make sure that the rag is hot enough and that you hold it over the sticker for long enough.

If the sticker still does not come off after you have tried these methods, then you may want to do something else. You can try to apply constant heat to the stick while you peel it away. Find a cordless blow dryer and put it on a low setting. Make sure that the blow dryer is about six inches away from the sticker and apply heat for at least 30 seconds. Then, try to peal the sticker away while continuously applying heat. Make sure that you don't put the heat settings on too high, or this could damage your paint.

Clean Up After Removal

Once you are done safely removing bumper stickers, then you will need to do some clean up. In most cases, there is going to be some residue from the adhesive left on your vehicle. This can be unsightly, and it's something that you want to make sure you take care of. Use a soft damp rag to wipe this residue away. Once this is done, you may want to get out some polish and some wax to complete the job and make your car look really good again.


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