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Sal Alosi Must Be Tripping

Not everyone is having as great a year as Scarlett Johansson, as New York Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi has been suspended by the team indefinitely and fined $25,000 after an incident during the Jets' December 12 game against the Miami Dolphins. During a play in which the Jets punted to Miami, Sal Alosi ordered several players who were inactive for the game to form a human wall along the sideline. When Miami punt returner Nolan Carroll ran down the sideline returning the punt and passed by the Jets wall of players, the coach stuck out his knee and tripped Carroll. It was an amazing act of poor sportsmanship and just the latest in a long season full of oddities that keep coming up with this New York team.

$25K Fine for Human Wall

Initially the coach was suspended and fined after the play, which at first appeared to just be a stupid mistake with Sal Alosi watching a play on the field and letting his competitive nature get the better of him. But later on, it was revealed not by the coach but through one of those players lined up next to him on the sideline that he had actually ordered all of them to line up that way, presumably to deter Carroll from going out of bounds to avoid a tackle during the punt return or gain some other sort of competitive advantage.

The strange thing about the whole situation is that it is very tough to say that the Jets would really gain anything by this human wall if Sal Alosi had not gotten in trouble for the tripping incident. The minds of some athlete types are so incredibly competitive that they seem at times to block off anything else in order to try to win at all costs. This type of personality would make someone a great strength and conditioning coach, demonstrating and teaching techniques to fight thought pain in order to lift more, put more on the bar, do a few more chin ups or one more mile on the bike.

Competitive Nature's Other Side

But that same competitive desire clearly got out of control in Sal Alosi, to the point where he was trying to somehow influence the outcome of the game even though he is not a player. It is amazing that now with this Sal Alosi situation after some of the other things that have gone on with the Jets this season that the team hasn't just cracked. They came back the following Sunday on the 19th and beat a very good Steelers team, a huge win for New York. Sal Alosi might not bring the team down, but this whole season has been like an extension of their summer reality show that filmed their camp in the offseason.

Sal Alosi may be out of a job soon; General Manager Mike Tannebaum has indicated that all options are being looked at, seeming to indicate that the team doesn't quite know what to do with Sal Alosi. With that stiff fine and a long suspension at the very least, he may have to do some personal training or something to help pay his rent and his broad form insurance bill. It is amazing that something like that could happen not at a middle school football game, but at a professional game, and that the culprit could be a member of the coaching staff. Sal Alosi made a mistake that reflects badly on his team and really doesn't make the league look that great either. Whether or not the action merits it, firing may be necessary to gin distance from the incident for the team.


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