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Santa Clara Car Insurance

Santa Clara car insurance rates depend on what kind of car you drive and a few other factors. Ultimately, insurance companies will assess your risk of being in a collision and will base your rates on these things. If you're in a collision you'll want to know the proper procedure for handling a claim. California runs on a tort system which means one driver is held responsible after a collision and is responsible for all of the damages and injuries that occurred. You might want to take photos of the damage to avoid any Santa Clara legal problems in the future.

In California, you need 15/30/5 insurance coverage. This means you need $15,000 per person who is injured when a car accident occurs in Santa Clara. There is a limit per collision of $30,000 for injuries. You also need $5,000 for any damages to the vehicles involved in the crash. Each state has these minimum requirements so that every driver is properly protected. If you don't have the minimum coverage required, you could be punished by law or even have your driver's license taken away. You can also choose to purchase an uninsured motorist policy in case the other driver doesn't have a Santa Clara car insurance policy.

Insurance Quotes

Finding quotes for your Santa Clara car insurance policy is much easier than before the internet was created. Before the internet, you had to call each California car insurance company separately and ask them for a quote. You had to answer questions for each company, and it could take hours just to save some money. Now, you can answer questions about your driving in Santa Clara, CA just once and get car insurance quotes from a number of different companies. You might also be asked for some personal information so you can be sent discounts and offers for auto insurance quotes.

One of the common questions asked to determine vehicle insurance quotes is your zip code. The average accident and crime rates in your neighborhood will directly affect your Santa Clara car insurance rates. You'll also need to explain how much your car is worth. The more you drive, the more you'll need for coverage, because every time you're on the road you're at risk to be in a car accident. You'll also be asked about your driving record. If you've had accidents in the past, you'll pay more for a Santa Clara auto insurance policy than someone who has never had an accident or moving violation.

The Basics

You'll want to know some of the basic information about coverage and thoroughly compare car insurance companies before you purchase a Santa Clara car insurance policy. Your premium is the amount of money you continuously pay for a policy in Santa Clara, CA. You should check with your local agent to see what date you'll be paying for your policy every month. You'll also want to ask if you can save any money by paying for your car insurance every few months instead of every month. You can even ask if there are any late fees or what to do if you can't make a payment on time.

Your deductible is what you pay up front when a car accident occurs in Santa Clara, California. You can choose what you want to pay for your deductible when you look for quotes online. The higher your deductible the lower your premium will be. You'll also want to know that there are different kinds of Santa Clara car insurance coverage. Collision coverage protects you if you're ever in a car accident. Comprehensive coverage is a little bit different. It covers damage to your car after a non-accident problem. This could be from a fire or even a broken window.

How to Save

The best way to save money on your Santa Clara car insurance policy is to compare car insurance rates from different companies in your area. You want to find the policy that doesn't cost too much but provides you the amount of coverage you desire. You'll also want to think about the different discounts offered to your by the Santa Clara automobile insurance company you choose. Insurance companies offer similar discounts to their customers to try and compete for their business.

One of the common discounts you can receive on Santa Clara vehicle insurance comes when you renew your policy with the same company. Switching companies can save you money too. You just have to figure out which policy offers you the most discounts. Discounts can be offered to those who have proven they are a safe driver. The longer you go without a car accident or moving violation in Santa Clara, the more you can save on your policy. You can also save if you put all the drivers and vehicles in your household on the same policy.


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