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Searching for Sarah Silverman

As Urban Meyer resigns from Florida for the second time, some people might find themselves a little depressed - but others might just find a way to make a joke about it.  Sarah Silverman is a very funny lady. Not only is she funny, but she can also be quite crazy and raunchy at the same time. She is known for her unconventional comedic methods and her shocking bits. Sarah Silverman is also appealing because she is an attractive female comedian who is very talented. Some people may be turned off by her wild antics, but many more are simply entertained.

If the goal of comedy is to make people laugh then Sarah Silverman has accomplished that. It seems as though she will stop at nothing to get a laugh, whether it is on her own show or someone else's. In a world that has so many strong male comedians, it is good to see a woman climbing the ranks and become one of the funny guys. She will not let anything stand in her way, which is a good quality to have in such a cutthroat business like this one.

An Early Comedian

Sarah Silverman has been acting and doing comedy since she was very young. She knew what she wanted to do and went out and did it. Not many people can say that they are doing exactly the job that they want to, but Sarah Silverman can. She started out at the beginning of her career as a writer for Saturday Night Live. This job was short lived, but it did jump start her career and helped make her what she is today. Her style of comedy does not mesh well with the needs of the show and it was soon apparent that it was not going to work. Even though she did not make it at SNL there were bigger and better things waiting for her. Sarah Silverman would not let the loss of a job keep here down for very long.

The Controversy Queen

Sarah Silverman likes to do comedy about controversial topics. She doesn't shy away from things like religion, racism and politics. In fact many of her funniest material is about the idiocy of bigotry and racism. She tries to shed light on the stupidity of stereotypes by over playing people's differences and being ironic. Although many people find this kind of humor edgy and interesting, there are others who are offended by the jokes she makes.

No matter which side you are on you have to admit that Sarah Silverman has been very successful at making people laugh. Some people think her popularity stems from her being attractive, and while this may be true for a few people, most are more interested in what she says than what she looks like. Being a strong female personality in a largely male dominated industry is not always easy, but Sarah Silverman has forged ahead to make a name for herself. So much so that she has been one of the most searched talk show hosts on the internet.

In a world where people tend to take themselves and others too seriously, Sarah Silverman is on a quest to get people to laugh more. Even though this means she may offend some people on the way, she will keep telling jokes as long as people keep laughing. She could probably even make something like online insurance companies seem funny to people. Love her or hate her though, you have to at least get used to her because she is not going anywhere any time soon. Her popularity will continue as long as she comes up with ways to shock and amuse the audience. With help from Sarah Silverman, maybe we can all laugh at ourselves a little more.


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