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Schaumburg Car Insurance

Schaumburg car insurance is a type of coverage that you absolutely need when you are driving on the road. Schaumburg vehicle insurance comes in so many different varieties, there are many choices that you will have when you embark on a new car insurance purchasing process. However, many people have trepidations about purchasing this kind of coverage because they do not think that the Illinois insurance companies that sell the Schaumburg car insurance are legitimate. As a result, people end up driving without coverage at all or very little coverage. In order to understand why people have suspicion about Schaumburg car insurance, you need to understand everything from both perspectives. In doing this, you will be able to determine whether or not Schaumburg insurance is something you want to invest your money into. The best way to dispel the misconceptions about the world of car insurance is to look at it this way.

From Our Perspective

Let's say that your car got damaged by a hail storm while you were out of town visiting your cousin. Luckily, you have just recently purchased comprehensive coverage for your vehicle that takes care of such damages. So, you call the car insurance company to file a Schaumburg claim. They send you a claim form and you fill it out and send it back in. Then, you wait and wait without any response. After two weeks, you call the company who tells you that the incident is being investigated. So, you continue waiting. Your car has been damaged too badly for you to drive it very long, so you have to pay for the repairs yourself and hope that the claim money that you believe that you are due will take care of the damages. But, after another two weeks, you still have not heard of anything. So, you decide to go into the company to talk to the agent yourself. You go in and he tells you that they are just verifying your claim. Slightly frustrated, you return home.

From your perspective, it looks like the insurance company is trying to get out of the expenses of giving you the claim in the hopes that you will stop pursuing it and just move on. This way, they do not have to give you any money even though you are paying for the international travel coverage that should cover the car. This is one of the many reasons why people have bad tastes in their mouths about Schaumburg car insurance. Because they think that the companies are just out to get their money and never give Schaumburg claims.

From Their Perspective

Look at it from the perspective of the Schaumburg vehicle insurance company. You get a call from someone that has just recently purchased a comprehensive plan from your company. They tell you that they need to make a claim. So, you send them the Illinois claim forms and wait for their return. When they get back, they include pictures of the car and an Illinois claim that the car was damaged by an IL hail storm. However, your town has not had a hail storm in nearly a year now. So naturally this, along with the fact that the customer is new, sends up red flags. So, you contact your claims adjusters and put them on the case. They start to investigate the issue. However, because of how long the investigation takes, the customer calls several times trying to figure out where the money is. Your hands are tied because you cannot give an IL claim if the Schaumburg claim is potentially false.

The Schaumburg auto insurance company does not know that you were out of town when you got hit by a hail storm. And since you are a new customer, they cannot be certain that you are legitimate in your claims. This is why they have to be cautious. They do not want to be taken advantage of simply because you might be making a false claim. Because of the business, Schaumburg car companies have to assume that people are looking to take advantage of them. This being the case, making a claim is difficult because the Schaumburg car insurance companies have to double and triple check.

Because of the long claim process and Schaumburg automobile insurance companies being cautious about who they give out claims to, it can look like they do not care about the customer, only about the money that the customer brings in. Though this might be the case with some companies, for the most part, Schaumburg car insurance companies are looking to deal fairly with their Illinois clients. But they do have to be certain that they are not being taken advantage of by dishonest IL clients of theirs.


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