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Seasonal Commercial Auto Insurance

Seasonal commercial auto insurance is a niche market for auto insurance consumers who have specific insurance needs directly related to the changing of the seasons. If you are the owner of a business that operates largely in one part of the year and not another, or if you use different sets of vehicles during different seasons because the type of work you do changes according to the weather, you might greatly benefit from a seasonal commercial auto policy. There are many different businesses that either only operate during a certain part of the year, or that change their emphasis based on the weather and even use different vehicles as the seasons change. Some businesses do the same work day in and day out, but there are many business entrepreneurs who try to diversify themselves to create a wider customer base. Consumers who are interested in either putting together a seasonal commercial auto plan or finding a better price on the coverage they already have can get online and find excellent resources to help them in their task.

Seasonal Commercial Policies Explained

Seasonal commercial auto insurance policies are specially set aside for individuals with business needs that vary according to the changing of the seasons. There are many examples of seasonal contractors, and many variations on the pattern, but in a general sense a seasonal commercial policy specially benefits a contractor who does not work year round in their chosen mode of business.

A seasonal commercial auto policy might only be earmarked for coverage for a certain period of time other than a whole year, but in other ways it is exactly the same as other auto plans. Every seasonal commercial plan has liability coverage included, for example. Drivers all over the country in both personal and commercial situations have to carry liability insurance because state car insurance laws in almost every state in the country demand it. Liability protection is the bare minimum in a lot of states. In others, there are certain additional requirements for auto owners to include in their protection.

Just the presence of liability protection is indicative of one huge advantage of commercial plans over personal auto insurance. The limit of liability you can get in a commercial policy is generally much higher than it is in a personal one. This is because contractors have to deal with the same liability situations all drivers tend to go through, plus many additional ones. For example, you might do damage with a lost load off the back of your truck, and your equipment could even end up hurting somebody. The weight and the danger of some commercial equipment make business people an easy target for civil liability cases.

Getting this kind of liability protection is just the first step. Drivers covered in this manner have all sorts of extra modes of protection. For example, as a business owner you are freer to include non family members as covered drivers in your policy when you carry commercial coverage.

Businesses Benefiting from Seasonal Insurance

But to get back to the specific circumstance of seasonal insurance for businesses, there are many different business types that could benefit from this insurance option. One of them is winter snowbirds. Some businesses only operate in the good weather months in the northern states, and then shut down for the cold weather months as the owners take time off down south or simply pursue other interests. One example of this type of seasonal business could be a lawn care company. The owner of the company might not be interested in pursuing winter work such as snow plowing, so he could just take the winter off and suspend coverage on his trucks not being used during this time frame.

But alternately, this same business owner might also opt to do some other kind of work during the winter months. Snow plowing is an example, as is finishing basements. Whatever the specific kind of work is, if it requires different trucks, drivers or equipment, the owner will likely want to opt for a special seasonal policy. For example, there is no use insuring a salt truck year round when it sits idle between roughly March and November of each year. Having access to a limited seasonal policy can help small business owners maximize their cash flow and survive tighter profit margins for the work they bid. In turn, this keeps them working and on the road, and keeps paychecks in the hands of employees. Everybody gains from this type of setup.

Perhaps you are a semi retired carpenter who keeps two houses, one in your home state up north and another down south where you spend your winters. There is no reason to keep a commercial policy on your truck for the work you do up north during the time when it is parked in your garage and you are down south for the winter. Of course, you will want to maintain comprehensive coverage on the vehicle in all likelihood, but keeping all coverage active most likely is a waste of money. There are options for seasonal workers when it comes to commercial insurance. The cost of a policy is expensive enough to pay when you do need it. When it's just another bill, it's just money thrown away. Take a look at your options for commercial seasonal auto insurance.

Find Seasonal Coverage Savings Online

As a customer with a good relationship already established with your insurer, there is no reason for you not to investigate getting into this kind of policy with your current provider. They already know all your information, so all they need to do is spit out a price for the plan you are interested in. However, not every insurer is guaranteed to offer seasonal plans such as this. And besides, it never hurt to take a look elsewhere, either, if savings is the name of the game. To this end, getting online is strongly advised. The online auto insurance market is an excellent place to find great deals on coverage in general. And it's also a place where drivers can connect with specialists who focus on just the kind of plans they are looking for. It's no different with commercial policies for small businesses, and seasonal plans in particular.

Every insurer has their own set of goals for the types of customers and policies they want to carry. Not every carrier wishes to insure commercial drivers. And certainly not every provider is looking to sell seasonal plans. But there are companies out there who will go the extra mile to win a customer. If you have a solid idea of the calendar span for which you will need special commercial coverage year in and year out, get into touch with some online providers and take a close look at the options you have for seasonal commercial auto insurance.

As small business owners, we have a hard time as it is keeping up with bigger companies with deeper pockets. Saving money where you can is important if you want to compete and thrive on a long term basis. Get online and look at your options for seasonal commercial vehicle insurance.


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