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Security Discounts for Auto Insurance

Security discounts for auto insurance are a valuable, if often overlooked, way of helping auto insurance consumers to save money on their car policies. In this day and age, it seems like our cost of living is continually climbing while our paychecks don't seem to be getting any bigger. The cost of car insurance is no exception. There is only so much you can do to control the cost of auto insurance. But one thing you can do is try to position yourself to be eligible for discounts to drive down the cost of a policy. One such set of rebates is security discounts. Safety features and things done to your car to make it more secure can save you money on your policy. Having this in mind when you shop for vehicles can help you better strategize to own a car that won't be so expensive to insure.

Security Features Save Money

When you go shopping for an automobile, in most cases you are looking to save money in every area possible. Most of us have to cut corners wherever we can when we are buying a car, especially if it is a new car. This is just a reality of life. There is no getting around the fact that cost is a primary consideration driving most of our spending choices. If you are looking to buy a new vehicle and you are trying to keep down the cost, you might be thinking of opting not to include any elective features such as anti theft devices.

But security features installed by the factory can actually save you money in the long run. If an anti theft system is not standard on the car you are looking at buying, but rather will add to the sticker cost, you really should think about including it in the car you order anyway. For one thing, there is the obvious benefit that it will make your car more difficult to steal, and easier for law enforcement officials to recover if it is ever stolen.

But another, perhaps hidden benefit of having an anti theft device on your new car is the fact that it will give you a discount opportunity on your auto insurance policy. The fact is, you may save enough money on insurance over the life of the car to pay for the anti theft device and then some. The same is true of other security devices as well. When you are pricing out features on your new car, always do so with an eye toward the total cost of ownership, not just the sticker price you will be paying to get the keys in your hand.

Insurance Savings for Safety Features

Directly related to security features in a lot of auto insurance discount plans are safety features. Just like these security features, they normally have to come with the car and be factory installed in order to qualify for a rebate on your policy. There are many ways you can make your car safer to drive while also giving yourself more chances to save on your policy as an auto insurance consumer.

For example, many cars today come with airbags. A lot of them have drivers side and even passenger side front airbags standard. This is a great development that has saved many lives over the years since airbags were first installed into vehicles. And it is also a great source of savings for those of us who drive these cars. Since they help keep down the cost of claims in auto accidents by sheltering us from serious injuries, airbags help save us money because they save auto insurance companies money.

The same principle guiding security discounts also applies to safety discounts. Just like that anti theft device makes your car harder to steal and thus makes your insurer less likely to have to pay for a loss, airbags save insurers money by saving lives and preventing serious injuries in auto accidents. And as they get more advanced and appear in more places in vehicles, airbags are likely to help drivers control their collision insurance rates even more efficiently.

Today's airbag technology includes side curtain airbags that completely cover the side windows of cars. They not only shield passengers from the brunt of side impact collisions, they also shield them from incoming glass and debris, preventing injuries in multiple ways. There are also airbags that deploy from the backs of front seats of cars, helping shield passengers in the back seat from front impact accidents. The ever improving airbag technology continually being introduced in new car models makes insuring them in collision situations less costly because the tendency toward death and serious injury is so significantly reduced. Therefore these improvements ultimately save us money as car owners and auto insurance policy holders.

Other Important Safety Features

Airbags certainly receive a lot of attention for the positive impact they have on safety in new vehicles, and rightfully so. They do a lot to reduce the danger of death or serious injury in accident situations. But they do not work on their own to accomplish this. For example, most airbags are extremely limited in their effectiveness if the passenger of the vehicle is not wearing a seat belt. As a matter of fact, some studies have shown that not wearing a seat belt in some cases can make airbags dangerous sources of significant injury themselves.

Because of this, automakers have come out with passive restraint systems with ever more sophisticated technology. Automatic seat belts ensure that passengers will be restrained in the event of an accident, allowing an airbag to do its job properly and work to prevent injury. Passive restraint systems work hand in hand to help keep you safe when you are behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of a car, and they also help you to save money on your auto insurance premium. As an auto insurance policy holder, you can get discounts on your coverage for factory equipped passive restraint systems.

Other safety and security features eligible for these discounts include anti lock braking systems, which help you in many situations to avoid accidents altogether, again saving on collision insurance costs. Child safety locks are another safety feature sometimes included in the list of security and safety features that can save you money on your auto insurance premium. Child safety locks prevent a child in the back seat of a car from opening the door while the car is in motion. In many models no doors can be opened at all until the car is in park unless you manually unlock it. This feature like the others has helped keep injuries down and helped make cars safer, which brings collision claims down and helps auto insurance companies save money. They share some of these savings with their customers to encourage more of them to buy cars with these security and safety features.

Security discounts for auto insurance are only the beginning when it comes to finding ways to save on your new car policy. Keep a car's total cost in mind, including its insurance cost, when you are buying a vehicle.


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