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Sell a Used Car Online

Sell a used car online and save some of the hard work and hassle that are traditionally involved in making this transaction. There are some great benefits to making a sale in this manner, and many great reasons why more and more auto owners choose to list their used cars online each and every year. The market for online used auto sales just keeps growing as more consumers get used to shopping on the Internet and get comfortable with this medium. Sell your car online and get a good price for it while also saving some time and effort.

Advantages of Online Car Sales

There are many reasons why it is a great idea to list your car online in addition to maybe putting it in the local paper or putting signs on it when it is parked in the driveway and not in use. First and foremost, it greatly expands the demographic of potential buyers and helps many more buyers “see” the car than actually could if you just stuck with traditional methods. This helps drive inquiries and increases traffic to the car. When you have more people asking about it and looking at it, you are probably more likely to find someone willing to pay the price you’d like to get for it.

This leads into another huge plus of online private party used car sales. By pricing your car out using one of the many reputable online auto sale sites, you can potentially avoid a lot of useless haggling. You know how much you are willing to sell the car for, and buyers know how much they are willing to spend. Selling a used car online allows you to be a little more honest and firm in your pricing and gives them a realistic snapshot of what you need in order to get the deal done and provide someone with a safe family car.

Preparing a Car for Sale

Even when we list to sell used cars online, we still have to have some sort of presentable vehicle for the buyer when the deal is about to be consummated. They’ll still need to show up at your home or some other mutually agreed upon location to see the auto before they’re going to throw money your way. Make sure the car is ready to sell and ready to get its maximum value by presenting its best face to the buyer. Start out by giving it a bath and waxing it. For some of us, this is probably the second time we’ve ever done this to the car, the first being the day we brought it home from the dealer.

Check the blue book value and honestly assess what the car is worth and what you are willing to take to sell it. Gather up all the pertinent records regarding auto maintenance for buyers to check out and make copies for them as needed. Make sure you have a car that is as ready to go as possible, and make the situation as appealing as it can be for the buyer.

Closing a Used Car Sale

Make sure to request cash, cashier’s check, or money order for payment and do not accept a personal check unless the person buying the car is someone you know and trust. Have a typed receipt of sale ready with all of the important information listed out. Get the registration and title information ready and be sure to follow your home state’s requirements for title transfer. Notify your car insurance company to cancel coverage after the sale has been completed and the title has been transferred on the car.


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