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Selling a Cheap Used Car

Selling a cheap used car can be a challenge. Navigating the balance between getting rid of the thing and trying to get as much money as you can for it is tough sometimes. There are some tips that can make it easier to sell a cheap used car, similar to saving money on leases. Think about these tips and simplify the process to save time and make more money on the transaction.

Getting Cars Ready to Sell

It might seem like a waste of time, but it is very important to get a cheap used car ready to sell by cleaning it up and making it look good. Clean out the inside of the car, spray off all of the floor mats, vacuum out the interior, and give the car a bath. The result won’t be a vehicle that looks good as new, of course; but it will give the impression of a well maintained automobile.

Pricing a Used Car

Once the car is ready to go and looking its best, the next step is to price it out. There are various methods you can use to do this, but a good start is to check out some trusted blue book pricing guides. Compare the blue book value of your car with some comparison prices for cars being sold in your area, and you’ll be able to come to a reasonable assumption about what you can get for your vehicle.

Some owners price their cars at the high end of their value so that there is more room to negotiate, while others actually place firm no haggle prices on from the beginning. Firm prices only work if they are really firm. If you put a price tag on with the lowest amount that you’d accept for the car, you can’t buckle the first time someone asks if the price is really firm. When it comes to cheap used cars, a lot of buyers like to feel like they got a great deal and to feel like this most of them have to be able to haggle. Be careful when choosing to set your price as “firm”.

Honesty with Used Car Condition

When you are selling a cheap used car for something like $1000 or $2000, no buyer in their right mind should be expecting a perfect vehicle without any problems. A car like that would be called “mint” and would be worth a lot more money. In this price category most drivers are just looking for something that runs good. If there are a few problems with the car, things that will need to be fixed or looked at soon, be honest about them.

Make a list of these things and have them ready for anyone who comes to look at the car. For example, if the brake pads are going to need to be replaced soon, let prospective buyers know that. This makes you look more trustworthy in the eyes of the buyer and also helps them to know what they’re getting into if they choose a particular car.

Negotiating Used Car Prices

Don’t expect to get a ton of money out of all of this effort for your used car sale. But getting the thing cleaned up, properly assessing its condition and value, and disclosing anything that’s wrong with it will probably help you get it sold faster and maybe even get more money for it. Selling a cheap used car sometimes feels like more trouble than it’s worth. But following some common sense tips can help you get the most out of the experience and make some money.


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