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Selling Your Green Car for Parts

If you have a green car that has been damaged or that is broken down, you may decide that it is not worth fixing it. This happens a lot of times when the damage to a car due possibly to lack of classic car storage space rental is so great that the insurance company will total it. You may be left with a hunk of a car that has some working parts but is not worth spending the cash to fix. If you find yourself in this situation, then you may want to consider selling off the parts.

There are lots of green cars out there these days, and there are going to be more and more of them as the years go on. Given this, there is a great need for some of these parts, so you will have a good chance of selling your parts to other green drivers. So before you chuck out your green car and all of the parts that still work, you should consider making some money off if it. Take it to your mechanic and see which parts are going to be worth something to someone else.

Where to Sell Parts

If you have decided that you want to sell your green car for parts, then you need to speak to your mechanic first. This is especially important if you have a mechanic who specializes in green cars. Your mechanic may have a real use for them, and you may be able to get some good cash for them. If you can't get any cash for these parts, then you may be able to get some trade credit for them. See what your mechanic is willing to do before you make a final decision.

Another thing that you might want to do is take your green car to a local junkyard. Sometimes, junkyards will buy cars for their spare parts, and you may have some luck with your green car. If you choose to do this, you may want to be careful about which junkyard you actually take your car to. Not only junkyards are going to be willing to buy green cars though, so you may need to look around to see which ones are going to be willing to buy these parts from you.

Yet another option that you have for selling off your green car parts is posting an advertisement online. There are probably a lot of drivers out there who want to get some parts for the green cars for cheap, and they will be willing to buy them from you online. You are first going to need to get some idea of which parts of your green car still work, so that you can properly advertise them online to potential buyers. If you don't list these parts accurately, then you are not going to have much luck in selling them to others.

Donating Your Parts

Selling your green car for parts is a good idea if you want to make some extra money from your car that no longer works. You may be able to get some really great prices for it. However, you may decide that you don't want to sell these parts because it is going to be too much of hassle for you to deal with. If you don't want to deal with this, then you may decide that it is a good idea for you to donate your vehicle parts to a charity. You may be able to get a tax break for this, and it can make you feel good about yourself.


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