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Mature Drivers Auto Insurance Discounts

Mature drivers auto insurance discounts are available to older drivers through many car insurance carriers. The population of seniors in the U.S. has grown in leaps and bounds, and that trend is not expected to subside any time in the near future. For this reason it is more important than ever for seniors to find coverage they can afford. With this demographic growing and becoming more fiscally significant, it is natural that insurance companies are doing more to cater to their needs and present ways to help them save money on their premiums. Many auto insurance providers have come up with discounts targeted specifically at auto owners in the senior age bracket.

Age Related Auto Premiums

The idea of tying auto insurance premiums to the age of drivers is nothing new. In fact, drivers entering the senior age bracket only have to think back several decades to when they were teens and became licensed for the first time to recall age based premium assessment. Teen drivers are, of course, the age demographic that pays the most for auto coverage. Age is only one of many risk related categories used in determining rates for insurance, but when drivers reach a certain threshold in their early senior years (often 55), they begin to be eligible for discounts because the total miles driven and the distance traveled away from home begins to significantly decrease, reducing the risk taken on by the insurer.

Auto owners in their fifties in most case should begin to notice a drop in their premiums, but this decrease is by no means automatic, nor should it be assumed. If you are just renewing a policy year after year there is an especially big chance of insurers failing to apply any appropriate senior discounts once you reach the given age. As this time in your life rolls around, go ahead and ask your insurer about the discounts they offer for mature drivers and the qualifications necessary to take advantage of them. It is quite possible that you may already qualify for discounts you're not getting if you're over 55 with a good driving record, making it much easier to find low price liability insurance and other policies.

Mature Driver Discount Savings

Some automobile owners reaching the age when senior discounts might be triggered wonder how significant or deep these mature driver rebates really are. In a lot of cases they can begin as early as age 50, so it's a good idea to keep your eye out for them after this age. And they do vary from company to company, but in some cases they can be as high as 10 percent. So it is definitely worth looking into if you're reaching toward that milestone age or you're already in your 50s. Again, as with everything else, the availability and size of these rebates can and do vary, so drivers need to check them out on an individual basis. It may even be worthwhile at renewal time to take a look at some competing companies and get quotes based on the availability of mature driver discounts. It could save some drivers a lot of money on their premiums during their car insurance review.

Senior Auto Insurance Savings

In addition to the straight age based savings available for mature drivers through some insurance providers, there are other discounts to look out for as well. Defensive driving classes are gaining in prominence and popularity for older drivers across the country. Part of the reason for this gain in popularity is the connection with insurance rates. Many of the major insurance providers are offering premium rebates for drivers who complete approved courses. Some are offered by private driving schools, senior groups or auto clubs. Check with individual insurers on the availability of these rebates and the requirements for eligibility. The courses usually do not cost much and do not take more than a few days to complete.

Other discounts available from some companies are also specifically targeted to this demographic. Retirement rebates are for drivers who have retired from the workforce. They are based on the premise that retired drivers put fewer miles on their cars and are generally involves in fewer risky situations on the road, such as daily commutes in rush hour traffic.

Some carriers discount their personal injury protection rates if a certain percentage of the total miles driven on a covered car are put on by an older driver. And low mileage discounts, while not specifically designed for seniors, do often apply. Companies that offer these rebates set a threshold for mileage, often in the neighborhood of 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year. Again, the thinking is that reduced mileage means reduced risk. There are many different ways to save money on mature driver auto insurance, but discounts are one of the very best ways for senior auto owners to save money.


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