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Seth Rogen Gets Engaged

The Detroit Red Wings aren't the only ones having a great year - Seth Rogen, the actor whose career has taken quite an upturn here as of late, has gotten engaged according to multiple reports. The star of Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin and many other movies has become engaged to fellow Hollywood type actress Lauren Miller. The two have known each other for several years and have been dating for quite some time, and they appeared in some films together as well, including Superbad and Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Early Career of Seth Rogen

With Seth Rogen engaged, it is fun for civilian and military car insurance consumers and normal people to look back on the career of this actor who reminds us so much of a normal person or the guy next door. He starred in the short lived TV series Freaks and Geeks which was put together by Judd Apatow. This was his big break and the start of a long and productive working relationship. Before Seth Rogen engaged Lauren Miller in dating and eventually proposed, he first worked his way up through the ranks on a few TV show and then some small parts in movies.

This Seth Rogen engaged news might be looked at as sort of a downer for some fans who see him as this freewheeling independent thinker, a carefree kind of guy like the one that appeared in the smash comedy Knocked Up. But with Seth Rogen engaged now to a legitimate mainstream actress no less, it appears as though he is getting ready to hit the straight and narrow. Perhaps part of his image to fans is just that, an image cultivated carefully to portray certain things that they would find attractive or likeable about him. In this way, the Seth Rogen engaged news is not unlike anything else we hear coming out of Hollywood.

Nuptials Upcoming for Rogen

It is always a joyous occasion when two stars come together and get married. People love to go to the movies to watch romances and love stories, and they like the real ones even more. That is part of the draw of watching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and other celebrity couples like that. This Seth Rogen engaged story is not going to ever create that kind of public reaction because he is not popular in the same way that Brad Pitt is. If anything, his popularity comes from his being so very different from Brad Pitt, sort of the anti leading man type that so many of us can actually identify with rather than worship or envy.

When big stars get engaged it is always fun news to watch, and waiting around to see wedding news is a lot of fun as well. This actor who came all the way from Vancouver Canada and parlayed a knack for improvisational comedy into a great and still rising career has also managed to parlay his personality and talents into an upcoming marriage to one of the true beauties in the industry. Surely Lauren Miller must have decided to marry Seth Rogen for the same reasons why everyone else seems to love him these days. He appears to be a genuine human being and is ridiculously funny on camera.

With Seth Rogen engaged it appears as though getting married is an inevitable and unavoidable thing in Hollywood. Everyone has to try it at least once or twice. The comic actor is going to give it a go, and with his winning personality there is no reason to think he won't have fun with this too. Every day is a good time for him.


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