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Setting Rules for Teenage Drivers

If you have a teenage driver in your family, then the odds are that you're probably going to be worried while he or she is out on the road, say, on their way to a classic automobile exhibit. This is a natural thing for parents to go through, and it makes sense because teen drivers don't have a lot of experience on the road. Accident rates for teen drivers are normally higher than other age groups, so worrying done by parents is inevitable. If you want to make sure that your worrying doesn't get the best of you, then you may want to think about some driving rules.

Setting some driving rules for your teenager may be just the thing that you need to make yourself feel more comfortable while your teen is out on the road. A lot of times, teens don't really understand the importance of being a safe driver, but making a set of rules that they have to follow can help to make them understand just how important it actually is. If you want your teen to be as safe as possible, sit down with him or her in the near future and set some rules.

Outlining the Important Rules

One important rule that you should establish for your teenage driver is that no one else should be allowed to drive the car. When it comes to teens, it's common for their friends to make requests to drive the vehicle. If your teen gives in to this, then there is no telling what is going to happen. Some of your teen's friends may not even have driver's license, and this is definitely going to increase the risks of being involved in an auto accident.

Another important rule that you should establish with your teenager is that there should be no drinking done in the vehicle. Even if your teen is not partaking in the drinking himself, this could still cause a lot of trouble. If your teen is pulled over and there is an open container in the vehicle, then your teen could face legal trouble and lose his or her license. Obviously, this is something that you would want to avoid at all costs, so make sure that your teen understands this rule about drinking very well.

You should also set up some rules with your teen that involve driving long distances. The longer that your teen is on the road, the more possibilities that there are for accidents to occur. As such, you might want to limit the driving that your teen does for the first few years he or she is behind the wheel. You may decide that you only want your teen to drive his or her vehicle to work, school, or other places in the local area. If you are going to go with this rule, make sure that your teen understands the lists of places that the or she is allowed to travel to and from.

Setting a Curfew

When setting rules for teenage drivers, you may want to consider the possibility of setting a driving curfew. Driving at night can be particularly dangerous for teenage drivers, especially if they do not have any experience with this. As such, you might want to set a time when your teen has to be home with the vehicle by. If you do this, it may help your teen avoid some sticky driving situations after dark. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your teen understands why you are setting the curfew and that it is for his or her safety.


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