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Sharing the Road with Truckers

Sharing the road with truckers is a reality that we all have to deal with whenever we are out on the roadways. Truckers are out there trying to make a living, and probably delivering cargo that at least some of us would find precious. As drivers sharing the road, we need to have some level of understanding to be able to deal with trucks and truckers driving them. Many drivers tend to complain about truck drivers and their behaviors on the road, almost as much as they complain about switching auto insurance providers not realizing that they are at fault at least half the time for the problems that come up between these two groups.

There are some pretty basic things that might feel like a review of driver's education to some drivers, but that are important to highlight anyway when it comes to our interactions with truck drivers. When you get a handle on these basics, it makes it much easier to share the roads, and also reduces the risk of accidents and other problems that you might encounter behind the wheel of a car. Take these things to heart and find out what you can do to improve your experience out on the highway.

Avoid Big Rigs' Blind Spots

If there was just one thing we could start paying more attention to and we forgot everything else, this might be the most important thing and the best one to remember. Trucks have large blind spots on their right side and behind them. It is not smart to drive along to the right of a truck and sit in their blind spot going the same speed as them. And it is not good to stay behind them for too long either, especially if there is room in the middle lane where we should anyway. Trucks make very wide right turns and cars actually get pinched in there when this happens and they are cruising along to the right of them at the same speed.

Don't Cut off Truckers

It is hard for some to get out of the mentality that life on the freeway is just one big race. For many people, our online automobile insurance quotes reflect that fact. But at least as it pertains to truckers, some care and consideration must be given. Never cut off truckers, especially not if you are immediately going to hit the brakes and exit the freeway or change lanes to the right. Big trucks take three times longer or more to stop than smaller vehicles, so even if you are not the one involved in a crash, it is likely you might cause one by jumping in front of a truck and making the driver slam on the brakes.

Be Courteous to Big Trucks

When trucks have to back up to get into a tight spot, they may have to make a few adjustments in order to make it. Give them room, stay back, and have some patience. If the shoe was on the other foot you would want the same. That job already has to stressful enough as it is, trying to drop a load and get out of traffic in the middle of a big stretch of road while already on a tight schedule. The same applies to sharing the roads with truckers on the freeway. If they are slowing down up a hill, don't take it personally. And if they are speeding up on a downhill, don't act like the moral police about it. Try to be as courteous as possible and remember how hard of a job these men and women really have to do each day.


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