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Short Term Car Insurance Policy

A short term car insurance policy is a versatile coverage option that can help drivers in a variety of different scenarios. For example, drivers who do not own an automobile but who might drive a rented car from time to time have need for temporary auto insurance. Since uninsured motorists can run into tricky situations with the law, as the recent Pennsylvania supreme court insurance ruling illustrates, a short term policy can help you avoid being uninsured. And cars that are only used for a short period of time but get stored the rest of the year can also be covered under short term policies. Motorists who do not want to pay for a lot of coverage ahead of time can pay for a monthly car insurance plan giving them short term protection with the chance to cancel out any time they want without having to worry about waiting to get a lot of premium money back. There are many advantages to short term car insurance and many different situations when it can be a great option for drivers to take on for their protection on the road.

Short Term Automotive Protection

Most of us require automotive transportation at least some of the time. This even applies to drivers who do not have their own vehicles. Some people rely on bicycles, buses or other means of transport to get to and fro each day, but require a car or truck from time to time on an as needed basis. Vehicles are available for rent for as long or short a period of time as you might wish to have them. A homeowner could rent a large pickup truck to pick up supplies to do a landscape job or other work around the house and just have that truck for the weekend. Whether you have other vehicles or not, you need to make sure that truck is insured so that you are covered if anything should happen to it while it is in your possession. For this reason, short term auto insurance is a very important commodity whose significance should not be overlooked.

There are all kinds of reasons people get cars they do not own or vehicles they do not often drive. For example, maybe your family is taking a vacation across country and you want to see the sights on the way there. Driving obviously is the way to go, but if you wish to take a bigger vehicle than the one you own, car rental will be necessary. This is where it pays to know the details of your own auto insurance costs if you do own cars and you're also renting one for a limited period of time. Some car insurance policies actually contain provisions allowing policy holders to rent cars and insure them under the umbrella of their existing policies. There may be additional coverage needed such as loss of use, which reimburses the car rental agency for the potential income they might lose in the event of an accident while the vehicle is being repaired. But knowing the details of your auto insurance plan will help you to either save money on rental insurance or to make sure you get that insurance if it is needed. Either way, you win as a consumer.

Convenience of Car Rentals

Renting a car for a trip for business or pleasure is very convenient. It is great that we can take them anywhere we go and have them for as long as we want. It is excellent to know as a driver that if you do not have the right vehicle to accomplish a particular task, you can go out and get just for the specified period when you need it and then give it back when you are finished. The fact that we can grab a vehicle like this for a specified time period is a huge money saver. Imagine if you had to buy a big truck or track someone down to borrow it from any time you wanted to go get some lumber from the local home improvement store, instead of the convenience of just renting one for an hour that's already parked there in the store parking lot. The convenience of rental cars is unmistakable.

But as consumers, we also need to recognize the potential in these rental situations for us to be exposed to potential liability situations. You always need to make sure you are covered. Get to know the specifics of any non owned or rental car coverage your insurance policy contains. And if you do not own a car, by all means make sure you buy the insurance offered by rental car agencies when you go to pick up your vehicle. The relatively small cost of rental is nothing compared to the expenses that could come your way in the aftermath of an accident. Short term car insurance is a very important asset when you rent a vehicle.


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