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Similac Recalls Infant Formula

The recent news about new American Idol judges has taken a backseat to disturbing news of Similac's recent baby formula recall.  After the makers of Similac announced a widespread recall of the popular infant formula, parents all over became anxious and bombarded the company with questions and concerns via email, social media pages, and telephone. These parents voiced their fears for infant health on Facebook, Twitter, and through the old fashioned method of calling the company. The cans of Similac were recalled because of the possibility of insects getting in, but the company that manufactures the products said it is unlikely that any can already sold was tainted in any way.

Experts also went as far as to say that if an infant drank formula that was tainted with the bugs, it was unlikely that any harm would be done. They emphasized that the situation was no reason to panic, yet parents of infants using the infant formula did panic and lit up the phone lines and online communications connected to the company. Some parents are upset enough in spite of reassurances that they are switching to other brands. It is unclear whether the incident will have any serious long term impact on sales, but clearly Similac has suffered a black eye in the public relations department in the meantime.

Abbott Labs Recalls Formula

Abbott Laboratories of Chicago IL voluntarily recalled five million cans and other containers of Similac as a precaution after some insects were discovered inside a plant in Michigan that produces the formula, according to a company spokesperson. The insects were a type of beetle commonly found in warehouses and factories; they were found near a production line and production was immediately halted. According to Abbott, the chances of any beetle parts or larvae getting into the infant formula was very remote, but it decided to go through with the recall anyway just to be on the safe side.

Similac is the bestselling brand of infant nutritional supplements in the United States. The recall is expected to cost Abbott many millions of dollars. Only powders were involved in the incident and not liquids, which the company also produces. Products that were affected by the decision to pull them off the shelves had been shipped to many different countries as well as all over the U.S.

Impact of Infant Food Recall

Infant formula is a huge seller and a product that many millions of parents rely on every single day. An event like this even as limited as it may have been points to the risk of infant health problems that could occur if something worse happened with an infant formula batch and it was not caught in time. It is a scary thing to think about for parents who use infant formula. It is extremely nutritious and great for young children, who are just starting to grow, but tiny bodies and immune systems cannot withstand much, and so any impurities in these formulas might spell big trouble.

Baby formula will continue to be a big seller on the market for many reasons. A big reason is the presence of so many women in the workforce. Two income households are a reality because it is so hard these days to keep up with constant expenses like the mortgage, groceries, and auto insurance companies while also trying to raise a family. Baby formula is a balanced and wholesome alternative that helps millions of families in these and other circumstances. These concerns over infant formula raised by the recent precautionary recall do not diminish the value of the product, but merely highlight the importance of safety and quality control in production.


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