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South Bend Car Insurance

South Bend car insurance rates for 2010 are much lower than the rates for 2009. In fact, in some areas across Indiana, car insurance premiums are down 15 percent from last year! What this means is that if you are still paying the same, or more, than you were last year for your South Bend vehicle coverage, now is the time to do something about this. There are a number of ways you can lower your vehicle coverage costs each year and a number of factors that will determine what your premium will be.

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If you are still paying higher than average Indiana car insurance prices then you need to determine why. In most instances it is because you have not asked for a better discount. Because of the intense competition surrounding South Bend vehicle insurance companies, you can demand a better premium or move on to a different carrier. Ask yourself these three questions to deconstruct your premium price:

First of all, what type of vehicle do you drive? The type of vehicle will drive will weigh heavily on how much you will pay for vehicle coverage. In general, the more expensive the car, the more expensive your vehicle coverage will be. However, this is not always the case. Speedsters, foreign imports and small two door coupes often come with a heavy premium because they do not fare well in car accidents. Cheaply made little cars will also crumble under pressure which will negatively impact your rates. However, SUV's, larger vehicles and trucks tend to be less expensive to repair and thus come with less expensive premiums.

Safety in your vehicle will also play an important role in your car insurance rate. Again, the safer the vehicle is, the less expensive your South Bend car insurance quotes will be. If you are driving a Five Star Safety rated SUV but are still paying through the roof for car insurance, then it is time to find out why.

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Second Question: What is your driving record like? If you have been driving for a number of years and do not have many traffic fines or convictions, then you should be offered an excellent South Bend car insurance discount rates. However, for those people that do have a number of speeding tickets, DUI convictions and additonal traffic violations, this can negatively impact your driving record as well as your ability to find cheap car coverage. New drivers that do not have any driving record may also be hit with higher premiums due to your inexperience on the roads. However, there are certain South Bend automobile insurance carriers that specialize in discounts for new drivers.

Finally, how much driving do you do? If you are commuting a long distance to work every day or heading out on the open Indiana road every weekend, then you will be paying higher premiums. Why? Because the more time you spend on the road, the more chance you have of getting into an accident. Even if you are the world's safest driver, you are still at risk of getting into an accident simply by being on the road. For those who only drive a short distance everyday or those over age of 65 that do not have to commute to work, you should be able to save on your South Bend car insurance. If you do drive everyday and are looking for a way to cut down on your costs, you could look into commuting with a colleague to work or using the public transit. You could save a small fortune by taking your car off the road for the summer and biking to work. This is a great way to start and end your work day.

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No one can afford to pay more than they need to on South Bend vehicle coverage, especially with the rising cost of fuel and upkeep on your vehicle. And the good news is, no South Bend resident should have to. There is a simple yet effective way to save up to 40 percent on South Bend car insurance without even leaving your home - an online comparison of local South Bend, IN carriers will allow you to pick and choose the right policy based on your budget and your lifestyle. With a click of the mouse you will be connected to hundreds of different policies and South Bend, IN carriers that want your business. This means you can afford to be picky with price and policy options and still save a bundle! With the extra money you can potentially save on South Bend auto insurance, you may be able to afford an extra long vacation this year. Now if only you could figure out a way to save on fuel prices.


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