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Spokane Car Insurance

Spokane car insurance companies are all about helping you to gain a better understanding about what Washington state car insurance is, and what all it can do for you. The old saying tells us that knowledge is power, and that is certainly true with each of these Spokane, WA car insurance companies. They can let you in on certain industry tidbits that not a lot of drivers know about, like how long they think a driver needs to be on the road before they are considered fully mature, adult drivers. Your Spokane automobile insurance agent will be with you from the moment you purchase your policy on, answering your questions, and helping you adjust your policy to all the changes that happen in your life.

Maturity According to Car Insurance

Many teenagers shopping for auto coverage in Spokane, WA consider themselves to be well on their way to adulthood when they turn 16 and get their first license, and fully there when they turn 18. Technically, the legal age of adulthood in America is 18 years old. However, Washington car insurance companies tend to have a slightly different standard for drivers. In order to be considered a fully mature, adult driver on your Spokane car insurance policy, you need to be 25 years old. Interestingly, that is also the age you have to be in order to sign the contract for a rental car in Washington.

Prior to turning 25, Spokane car insurance policies will show a slightly elevated premium, in recognition by the Spokane, WA car coverage company that the driver only has a few years of driving experience, at the most. While some Spokane residents undoubtedly feel that driving for 9 years is a significant amount of time, a lot of those years involve a lot of learning. After turning 16 and getting your first license, you spend a lot of time getting accustomed to the road and building your driving habits. Then, just a few years later, you'll turn 21 and the responsibility of balancing when you drink and when you drive introduces another learning period. After turning 25, most Spokane vehicle insurance companies feel that drivers have sufficient experience and good driving habits to lower their premium.

Your First License

There are few things that can excite a teenager more than getting their first license and their first car. Having that new level of freedom and independence is a rite of passage for most Spokane teens. At the same time, it can be a moment of both pride and fear for their parents. Giving a teenage the keys to your car, while you want them to be independent, can be nerve wracking. A lot of damage can be done with and to a car, even on the quiet streets of Spokane. Adding your teen driver to your insurance policy can bring about another moment of worry.

Teenagers, because they are just starting out and have no driving history as yet, are considered unknowns by Spokane car insurance companies. The company will have statistics that indicated teenagers have a higher percentage of vehicle accidents, and an increased risk for calling on their insurance policy to file a claim, increasing the risk that the Spokane auto insurance company will have to pay out on your policy. So, when you first add your new driver to your policy, you will likely see a higher cost for their Spokane car insurance premium than you do for yours, to reflect their increased risk to your company.

Customer Service

Drivers all over the nation know that having the right kind of coverage for their vehicle is of primary importance when purchase a new policy. They pay attention to the prices a company quotes to them, what features are included and what features are considered extra. When a driver is looking for a new coverage policy to keep their vehicle and their family safe, they automatically pay attention to the details that are going to affect them directly, or most consistently.

Customer service is often a feature of a coverage policy that drivers wish would be positive, but which they are willing to sacrifice in order to get the quality they are looking for. With many of the companies here, you won't have to make that sacrifice. There is no reason you can't have both quality coverage and excellent customer service. Within each company there are numerous agents who are highly trained in finding customers the right plans for their needs. Those agents become team members with the drivers, working together to keep every policy holder and their families safe every time they get behind the wheel.

Spokane car insurance should be your first choice for coverage when looking for a new policy. Whether it's your first or your fifth, these companies have the plans you want to see most.


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