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State Laws Mandate Auto Insurance

State laws mandate auto insurance all across the country. Virtually everywhere you go, drivers are required to carry auto insurance, or at the very least submit proof of financial responsibility such as self employed commercial insurance as a condition of self insuring against liability responsibilities. Each state is different and the state laws differ on exactly what and how much they require drivers to have. But the one common thread among all of them is the importance of auto insurance compliance. Drivers have no excuse not to know about the law, and they certainly have no excuses for being unaware of the possible consequences of non compliance.

Uninsured Drivers a Nationwide Problem

Driving without insurance is a decision that is unfortunately made by millions of people around the country. Some states have much more severe issues with uninsured motorists, with a few pockets of the country seeing as many as a third of their registered vehicles on the roads with no insurance. And this is not counting any unregistered cars that might also be out there. In other areas, state governments have come up with various verification and enforcement systems to try to curb their uninsured motorist troubles, to varying degrees of success. Some places have seen their uninsured motorist rates plummet, while other regions still battle the problem day by day.

Wherever you stand on the issue, surely you agree and understand that being insured is the law, and that those who stand outside the law are subject to its punitive consequences. Many drivers in all parts of the country choose to go without insurance, for multiple reasons. Probably the biggest reason of all is financial. In some areas, even cheap old cars can cost over a thousand dollars to insure. And in some of these same areas, the penalty for being caught driving without insurance is a small fine. Drivers with limited financial means see it as a good risk to take, because even if they get caught they still pay much less than they would to get insured. This thought process is symbolic of the way many uninsured drivers feel.

But even though the average cost of car insurance is high in many parts of the country, that cost can vary from person to person and from state to state. There are places where we can get cheap rates, so it isn't always true that high prices keep people away. Rates vary according to many different factors, so generalizing about these things may be a bit dangerous. Age, gender, driving history, credit history, and many other factors go into the computation of auto insurance rates.

Uninsured Rates Climb Higher

In certain parts of the country, uninsured motorist rates are sky high. In these states, if the government was to try to confiscate all the vehicles they found being driven without insurance they would run out of room very quickly. Some people even buy cars either new or used and never even get them initially insured at all. In certain areas of the Southwest this is a huge issue, with state governments taking different types of action from offering special low cost insurance plans to those who qualify to starting insurance verification programs to try to nudge drivers into getting their cars insured.

Another interesting reason why some people give for failing to get their cars insured is that they don't think they will ever get into an accident. This is either a stated or implicit belief in these motorists. What makes this so interesting is the fact that no matter what you do as a driver to be careful and obey the law, there is nothing you can do about the other cars on the road. You can only control your own vehicle. For most of us, the law of averages will kick in at some point in our lives and we'll at least be involved in some sort of fender bender. It's important to be prepared with instant auto insurance in order to avoid severe financial distress.

Importance of Auto Insurance

Car owners need to understand the importance of auto insurance. It protects you in many different ways against basically unknown financial threats. These threats can attack you in different ways: from court litigation following an at fault accident to tickets and fines after being cited for driving without insurance. By being insured you also avoid other problems like license suspension and possible jail time.

State laws mandate auto insurance and it is important for every driver to be compliant with the laws of his or her state. But at the same time, following the law is not the only reason why insurance is important. It protects you from many things other than legal trouble. Much of the real benefit in car insurance is financial, protecting you following a car accident.


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