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Steve Martin a Multitalented Artist

While some fads come and go like the Leapster 2 this holiday season, things like the talent of Steve Martin are eternal.  Steve Martin is known as different things to different people. For those of him who knew him back in the 1960s, they might think of him as a very good comedic writer who did a nice job working on shows such as The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and The Gong Show. Folks who became familiar with him in the 1970s remember his tremendous success as a stand up comic. He played to packed arenas filled with tens of thousands of screaming fans. He even came out with comedy albums during that time period, winning two Grammy Awards [1].

As time pressed on, however, Steve Martin really wanted to be in the movies as an actor. And he did get his chance after awhile. Having done the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson many times through the 1970s with his stand up routine, and having appeared many times on Saturday Night Live and hosting the show well over a dozen times, he appeared in The Jerk in 1979 which was a box office success. As the 1980s dawned, this stand up rock star was ready to become a movie star. And that is exactly what came next for Steve Martin.

Movie Hits for Steve Martin

Those who got to know him in the 1980s may have seen him in any number of movies, most of them comedies. Folks at this time already carried the misconception that he was a former Saturday Night Live cast member and that was where he had gotten his start. They would be wrong on both accounts, since he never was officially a part of the SNL cast [1], and he obviously had gotten his start years before. But the movies were what he wanted to do, and he jumped in with vigor.

His acting style proved to be effective, and Steve Martin was a star on screen just as he was on stage and on television. He did turns in some farcical movies like Three Amigos, offbeat hits like Little Shop of Horrors, a musical that was actually based on an off Broadway play, and more serious but still comedic roles like the one he played in Parenthood in 1989. That role sort of defined a new niche that Steve Martin was slowly beginning to fill as he got a little older, working in movies with more substance and more heart than some of the earlier slapstick films.

Musician, Playwright, and Novelist

Time has continued to move Steve Martin in different directions through the years. He continues acting in movies, in that familiar slapstick role in the Pink Panther and opposite Queen Latifah in the uproarious but more substantive Bringing Down the House, among other films. He has had some writing credits in the movies, written plays, and even gotten into writing books. "Shopgirl" was a novella published in 2000 that eventually became a movie starring Clare Danes in which Steve Martin also played a part. And his latest effort is a full length novel called "An Object of Desire" that was just published in November of 2010.

Steve Martin has been many things to many people throughout a long and productive career. He is a comedian, blue grass musician, actor, and writer among other things. He continues to do whatever suits his fancy and whatever helps pay for auto insurance service. As time goes on, he'll probably continue exploring new things and going in different directions as an artist. Steve Martin is a true talent who seems to be good at everything he tries to so.


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