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Stow and Go Seats

Stow and go seats are really great because they offer you a variety of ways to make the seats in your van or SUV fold completely flat inside the vehicle. This gives you a lot of extra space that you can do wonders with, especially if you are a mother. For example, you could choose to stow only one row of seats away and still get a lot of extra cargo space. This kind of space is really convenient if you are going grocery or retail shopping.

What are the Benefits?

Stow and go seats are amazing because of how easy they are to use and how much extra room that they provide you with. Usually, you can stow these seats using only one hand. Sometimes, these seats get store directly in the floor of your van, SUV or Toyota truck, but many vehicles give you the option of taking them out entirely. When the seats are completely gone, you have a lot more storage space for your children’s toys, sports equipment, and any other large items that you might have to carry.

A lot of vehicles with stow and go seats include seats that swivel. You can take the third row of seats of the van and then swivel the second row seats so that they are facing the back of the vehicle. This can give the kids some privacy to sleep while they are on a road trip. Also, most of these vehicles with swivel cars have a table that comes up out of the floor. This is an amazing thing because it can help keep the kids happy while they are on a road trip. The can use the table to eat some snacks or play with their toys, and they will never have to leave the safety of the seat.

Stow and go seats can also benefit those who have a lot of equipment to haul around for their businesses. If you own a small business and you are required to carry things around in your vehicle on a frequent basis, then stow and go seating is for you. You can make additional space for cargo when you want to and you can use the extra seating if you have to haul business clients or partners around in your vehicle. Having such a vehicle can actually help make your business a big success in the future.

Furthermore, stow and go seating can be really beneficial for those families who have pets. All pets need to go to the vet from time to time, and it can be a hassle to get them there if you don’t have enough space in your vehicle. When you have stow and go seats, you can remove the seats and give your pet the chance to move about freely in the vehicle. Pet lovers can use this space on a daily basis too, not just to go to vet appointments. Some dogs like to ride in the car for fun, and having these kinds of seats will let you enjoy this opportunity with them.

Purchasing This Feature

Stow and go seating doesn’t come standard on all vans, but it is definitely something that you would be willing to pay more for given the benefits. It can provide you with all the space in the world to play games and transport whatever it is you need to, no questions asked. Consider stow and go seats carefully if you are speaking for a vehicle that a family would really like and get a lot of good use out of.


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