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Surprising Things Car Insurance Covers

There are many things you might be surprised to find that your auto insurance policy covers. To get the most value out of your premium dollar, make sure you read through your car insurance policy to find out exactly what it includes. Here are some examples of surprising coverage provided by many auto policies. It is good to read up on the specifics of your policy so that you know what's covered as well as anything that might be excluded.

Built in Legal Representation

As a car insurance consumer, you run the risk of being sued every time you set foot inside your vehicle. Any kind of at fault accident can result in civil litigation, even in no fault states. Many people naturally assume they'll have to handle hiring a lawyer in these circumstances. It may surprise you to know that your auto insurance provider will normally provide you with legal representation if you are sued for an incident covered by your insurance plan. For example, if you get into an injury accident and the victim sues for pain and suffering, your company will set you up with a lawyer to provide for your defense.

What you have to realize is that in these cases, your insurer has the same goals you have for your defense. If the court finds you negligent and you are forced to pay out damages, your policy will have to pay out up to its limits of coverage before you even open your checkbook. So both you and your insurance provider have a lot at stake in these liability cases that reach civil court. To safeguard against this kind of case ruining you financially, consider picking up an umbrella liability policy. You can get a great policy starting at $1 million in coverage in most cases for a relatively low premium. It can be well worth looking into if you are concerned about the liability limits on your auto policy.

Injuries to Pets are Covered

Car accidents can cause serious injuries to not only people but also to animals as well. In the aftermath of an accident, you might be faced with the prospect of veterinary care for your pet due to an injury if your pet was riding in the car with you at the time of the accident. This care can get pretty expensive. A major surprise for a lot of pet owning auto insurance consumers is the fact that your policies may very well end up picking up the tab for your pet's veterinary care.

Of course, this all depends on the specifics of the coverage included in your policy, so you have to know the details of your own plan to know for sure. But it is helpful for pet owners to know to look through their policy paperwork to see whether their pets have some coverage. For example, some plans set aside a certain monetary value for pet coverage if you carry both collision and comprehensive insurance. In many of these cases, this coverage is not an extra, but simply comes with the policy as an extra added benefit of pairing collision and comprehensive coverage together with one another. Coverage usually applies if your pet is injured or killed in an accident, hijacking or auto theft. There are usually limitations and specific terms that apply, but this is one of those areas of protection that most of us don't look closely enough at when we sign on for coverage. It's another example illustrative of the importance of getting to know the terms of your policy. The more you know, the more likely you are to get maximum utility (and maximum value) out of your policy.

Friends' Accidents in Your Car

It's a surprise to quite a large portion of the population of auto owners to note that their policies kick in when their friends get into accidents while driving their cars. Check your policy for a clause that talks about something along the lines of protecting the vehicle; plus you; any listed family member, and anyone else who drives the car with your permission. Even if the negligent friend has her own coverage, your policy will pay for damage caused to other vehicle (and to yours if you carry collision). Your financial responsibility will be covering deductibles and any losses beyond the limits of your insurance.

The value of an auto insurance plan might be even greater and more expansive than many of us realize. With protection built in even for pets, friends borrowing our cars, and legal representation when court cases emerge, car insurance surprises much more than just property loss to the vehicle and the driver's medical bills. Get some free quotes online and check the terms to see what each quote covers.


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