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Switching Auto Insurance Providers

Switching auto insurance providers is an experience that many people avoid just because, like the truth about oil changes, it seems so unpleasant to think about, much less actually go through with. If you have been with one provider for many years, you know exactly what we're talking about. When you are with one company for that long, a certain level of comfort exists. The driver gets to know the local agents and maybe even the claims adjuster. The people in the billing department might know you on a first name basis. It is hard to make a switch when you have some rapport built up with an insurer.

Reasons to Switch Car Insurance

But there are some reasons and very legitimate ones why people who compare online automobile insurance quotes do switch providers sometimes. One very common reason is that they move to somewhere out of state. Some insurance companies have offices in different states across the country, but the way these things are structured due to differing auto insurance laws from state to state, they are almost entirely distinct entities. So, even if you stayed with Insurer X in moving from one state to another, you are effectively switching because you are still getting a brand new policy with new limits and deductibles and possibly some new coverage as well.

Dissatisfaction with the way a company handled a recent claim also leads some motorists to make a move. This is something that is not always easy to do, but if the claim was botched badly enough it can be justified. And sometimes we just have to make a change in auto providers because of pure and simple economic reasons. You might live the company you are with, bit really need the savings that another one can offer you, especially when premiums are about to increase at renewal for no apparent reason.

Switching Policies at Renewal

Actually, this is probably the most common time for policies to get switched, because the old one is expiring anyway. It is important to take care of a few details here if you do make this choice. If you get your renewal paperwork and decide that the prices are too high and you have to make a change, don't just ignore the paperwork. Once you've been a customer with a company, a policy is assumed to be in force until you take specific steps to cancel it as of the expiration or renewal date. Different companies and states might have different procedures to follow, and you should find out for sure what your responsibilities are in these cases, but generally you have to cancel in writing in some way or another.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance

If you are thinking about dropping your current provider but are just trying to see which company to go with next, the logical thing to do is to start shopping around for coverage, and to do it before the expiration of the old plan. Give some time for the transition to happen because if you don't, you will end up paying some big fees in the end. Getting a good price is important as well, of course.

Find the best deals on car insurance by shopping online and checking into some of the most affordable providers in your local area. Use our free quote form to request quotes and compare prices from these leading insurers. Find the best fit for you and your family and get plans all set up for a smooth transition. Switching auto insurance providers is actually not that difficult if you are organized about it and approach it from a logical perspective.


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