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Teaching Teens About Driving Distractions

Teen divers often have a tough time when they are first on the road because the experience is brand new to them. There are a lot of things on the road that could distract a teen driver and force their concentration off of the road. If this happens, things could get really dangerous and an accident can occur. If you want your teen to be safe while on the road, then you need to teach him or her about all of the driving distractions out there.

Teens who get some instruction regarding driving distractions are going to be better prepared to be out on the road. If you can sit down and spend a few minutes with your teen discussing important driving issues, then you can seriously decrease the chances of your teen getting into an accident. Make it a point to set up a time with your teen to discuss these issues. You're going to want to do it at a time where you and your teen have some privacy and can openly discuss what driving distractions there are and why they are so dangerous.

The Most Common Distractions

One of the most common driving distractions that you need to discuss with your teen is other people in the car. If your teen is constantly carrying other passengers in his or her vehicle, then this could become a problem. When other passengers are talking loudly, using their phones, or doing other activities, this can really distract the driver. If your teen is going to have passengers in his or her car, then you need to make sure he or she knows how dangerous it can be. Your teen should speak with his or her passengers and make sure that they know how to behave.

Another common thing that can be a distraction to your teen is having a cell phone. Cell phones are responsible for a lot of the accidents that occur on the roads today, and teenagers are involved in many of them. If your teen driver has a cell phone, you need to explain to him or her that it is dangerous to use this device while driving. If your teen does need to use his or her cell phone, then you should advise them to pull over and do this. Cell phones can cause the worst kind of distraction that could lead to an accident.

Yet another distraction that is important for your teen to be aware of is things on the side of the road. Your teen should learn how to avoid looking at things like billboards and accidents that occur on the side of the road. If your teen is spending his or her time on the road looking at these billboards, then the likelihood that an accident occurs is much higher than normal. Your teen needs to be aware that this kind of thing is dangerous and should be avoided.

Discussing Dangers of Distraction

When teaching teens about driving distractions, you need to make sure that you talk to your teen about how dangerous it can be to give into distractions. If your teen allows himself to be distracted by any of the aforementioned things, then this could lead to reckless driving and an accident. Make sure that you stress what distracted driving can lead to. The more emphatic you are about how dangerous this behavior can be, then the more likely your teens are going to be to listen to you and take your advice to heart.


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