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Teaching Teens About Emergency Maneuvers

Driving situations can change at a moment's notice, and these changes often require drivers to become defensive drivers. One part of being a defensive driver is learning how to handle and execute emergency maneuvers. Conducting one of these maneuvers could end up helping you to avoid getting involved in a terrible accident. If you have been driving for a lot of years, then you've probably experienced some of these things. Teens, however, are not going to have this type of experience, and are going to need some guidance from you when it comes to learning emergency maneuvers.

Teaching your teens about emergency maneuvers is something that you should take very seriously, just as you would take securing car top items to your automobile seriously. This should be an important part of any attempt at driver education. The more that your teens learn before they get out on their own in a vehicle, the better they will be able to handle situations as they arise. Take the time out now to make sure that your teen is aware of different emergency maneuvers and knows just what to do when the need for one arises. Investing time in teaching your teen this is an investment in his or her safety.

Important Maneuvers to Discuss

There are a number of different emergency maneuvers out there that your teen should know about. One of the most important ones is emergency braking. There are all kinds of situations out on the road that could cause your teen to have to brake at a moment's notice. If your child were to panic in one of these situations and not slam on the brakes, then this could end badly. Make sure that you teen knows that braking is advisable if there is an accident ahead or if a car stops suddenly in front of him or her.

Another type of emergency maneuver that you should teach your teen about is emergency lane changing. Sometimes, you are going to have to make a fast lane shift in order to avoid an accident in front of you or even a pedestrian in front of you. Make sure that your teen understands that he or she must not lose control of the wheel while making this lane change. Doing so could really cause some trouble, so your teen needs to have both hands on the wheel and aim for steady control when making any kind of lane change to avoid an accident.

Methods for Teaching

There is only so much that your teen is going to be able to learn out of a book, so while getting a book for your teen to read is a good idea, it cannot be the only way that you teach your teen about emergency maneuvers. In addition to this, you're going to need to give them some visuals to look at. A lot of teenagers are visual learners, so it can help to get them to watch some driver education videos on these maneuvers.

One great way of teaching teens about emergency maneuvers is to actually get them into the car and have them practice some of the techniques associated with defensive driving. If you are going to do this, then you need to make sure that you are doing it in an area that is clear and where there are no cars. You will want to give your teen some space to practice these things, so that he or she is not in any kind of danger. Having this extra practice behind the wheel can really go a long way for your teen.


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