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Teaching Your Teen to Parallel Park

Teaching your teen to drive often involves a lot of different skills that need to be worked on. You need to give them a general sense of what it is like to drive on a daily basis, but you also need to be able to enroll them in a teen driving course that teaches specialty skills that may come up every once and a while. One such skill that often requires a lot of practice is parallel parking. This is a skill that takes many drivers a lot of time to learn properly, but it is something that everyone needs to know how to do. You never know when the situation might arises where you need to parallel park.

At first, some teens may be reluctant to learn about parallel parking. If it is not something that you have done often as a driver, then your teen may think that it is unimportant. This is something that you are going to need to sit down with your teen and talk about. Even if you do not have to parallel park very often in the place where you live, there could be some instances in the future where this will come up. Once your teen understands the need to have this skill more fully, then he or she will be willing to learn.

Tips for Teaching Your Teen

If you want to teach your teen to parallel park, then there are some steps that you need to take before you actually let your kid get behind the wheel. One that that might help you a lot is to get some reading materials for your teen to go through with you. For some teens, they will learn better if they can read about the process before they actually try it for themselves. In addition, you may want to spend some time with teen looking at videos online. These can really help your teen to visualize things.

Another thing that you might want to do before you get your teen behind the wheel is to show your teen how to do this. You can first have your teen watch from outside of the car while you parallel park. Then you can bring your teen on in inside of the car and let him or her see how things look from that point of view as well. Spend a few times doing each one of these things and see how much your teen can pick up along the way.

Once you have done some of these things then you will be ready to let your teen get behind the wheel. Make sure that you find a safe space to practice in and that you start with using something like traffic cones. You don't want your teen to experience hitting another car on the first try. Once you have practiced with some plastic cones for a while, then you may decide that it is time to try the skills out on a real situation.

Make Sure You Are Covered

Before you begin to teach your teen to parallel park, you need to make sure that you are covered completely. A lot of parents are tempted to start teaching their teens to drives before they have a proper license or proper coverage, but this would be a mistake on your part. You never know what is going to happen out there, so you need to be prepared for anything by having the right amount of coverage. Teaching your teen to parallel park can be great fun if you follow all of the rules and get good coverage.


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