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Teen Drivers and New Vehicles

Getting a driver's license is probably the most exciting time in a teenager's life. A driver's license means that a teenager will have a greater degree of personal freedom. While this is surely something to celebrate, it's also something that causes families some financial strain because they have to cover the insurance costs of a young driver. Young drivers are generally the most expensive drivers to insure, so this can put a great burden on many families.

Young drivers often want to get new cars to celebrate their newly found freedom. The allure of a fast new sports car is pretty strong among teenagers, but the costs of insuring such a vehicle are extremely high. Parents who have new teenage drivers should be careful about their car choices, as choosing a fast new car, like choosing a rare classic car, could cause their rates to skyrocket.

Why New Cars Increase Rates

Even without a teen driver, new cars are generally more expensive to insure. This is because of several factors, including the high cost of repairing new vehicles and the allure that these vehicles pose to thieves. New vehicles often require new parts to repair and this can be costly on its own. These shiny new vehicles also attract the eye of criminals because of their resale value. As such, it often costs more to get proper car insurance coverage for these vehicles.

When you add the presence of a teen driver to a new vehicle, you've created a recipe for a very expensive car insurance policy. Teen drivers cost more to insure than other drivers because they pose the most risk, according to statistics. In general, teens are more likely to be involved in car accidents than other groups of drivers. As such, companies are trying to protect their own interests by charging higher rates to teenage drivers.

Getting New Car Insurance Discounts

There are ways for teens to get breaks on their insurance coverage with a new car, and these discounts can sometimes help offset the costs of insuring a newer car. One of the most important things that teenager drivers can do to get lower rates is to make sure that their new vehicle has the best safety features available on it. These features include a car alarm, anti-lock brakes, back up cameras, and air bags. If teens can make sure that they have the most safety features possible, then they could get a really good discount on their coverage.

Teens with new cars can also get a discount on their coverage by completing a driver's education course. Most teenage drivers can complete these courses in their schools for free, and this can lead to a great discount on their coverage no matter what kind of vehicle they choose to drive. All teens should consider this option if they want to purchase a new car.

Opt for Something Sensible

Teens can get lower rates on their car insurance by opting for a more sensible vehicle. If teens choose a slower vehicle with safety features, then this kind of car is likely to fetch lower insurance premiums. While teens may not think that these kind of vehicles are uncool, the insurance savings that they can get by choosing them are surely going to be cool. In fact, choosing to purchase an older car to drive can actually be the difference in driving and not driving for some teens that come from families that have very tight budgets. When it comes to teen drivers and new vehicles, all teens should really think about the benefits of choosing a slower, older car.


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