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Setting Rules for Your Teenager's Passengers

If you have helped your teenager to get a vehicle, then there may be some stipulations that go along with this help. It's common for parents to set some rules for their teen drivers, especially when a teen first gets a license. If you plan to do this with your child, then you need to consider the fact that your teen may be transporting his or her friends around in the vehicle you have purchased.

If your teen plans to transport his or her friends, then you may want to consider setting some rules for this. This can often be a good way to teach your teen some responsibility and it can help to make sure that your teen stays safe. If you don't set any rules for the passengers that are in your teen's car, then your teen may assume that anything goes. This can prompt him or her to take unnecessary risks, and this is not something that you are going to want to take a chance with. As such, it will be important for you to set good rules.

Rules You Should Consider

One of the major rules that you might want to consider setting for your teenager's passengers is about the use of phones in the vehicle. Most teens spend a lot of time texting or talking on the phone, and this could really end up being a distraction for your teen. If you want to be sure that your teen can focus on the road in front of him or her, then you may wish to consider setting rules about passengers using cell phones in the vehicle.

Another rule that you may want to institute for the teenager's passengers is about eating or drinking in the vehicle. If your teen's friends are allowed to eat or drink in the car, this could end up creating a big mess, and you might be the one who has to clean it up. If you want to make sure that your family car or your teen's car stays in good condition, it's a good idea to make a rule about always leaving food or drink outside the vehicle. This will help to keep things clean and save you from a lot of hassle later on.

You also need to think about setting some very clear rules about your teen's friends smoking or drinking alcohol in your teen's car. Many young teens engage in this kind of behavior as a way of rebelling, and they see a friend's car as the perfect place to engage in these activities. You're going to need to make it very clear that this is not something that you want going on in your teen's car. Smoking in a vehicle can make it difficult for a driver to see and drunk people will cause a major distraction. As such, you need to make this a major rule for your teen's passengers.

How to Communicate Your Rules

When it comes to setting rules for your teenager's passengers, then you're going to need to spend some time thinking about how you will convey those rules. It will be really important for your teen to understand the need for these rules, so you'll need to sit down with him or her and discuss them. You may decide that your teen can tell his or her passengers about the rules, or you may decide that you want to do this yourself. No matter what you decide, just make sure that everyone in the vehicle is aware of the rules.


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