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Teenage Driving Curfew

If you have a young teen in your house who is a driver, then you should consider imposing some restrictions on their driving privileges when they get their learner's permit or full license. Doing so is a great way to teach them responsibility and ensure that they are not out on the roads at late hours. You'll be doing your teen a favor by ensuring that he or she is home at a reasonable time each night to complete various activities such as homework, and you will be giving yourself some much needed peace of mind. It can be pretty stressful to be a parent of a teen driver and peace of mind is always welcome.

Why Curfews are Good

A driving curfew is a great way to keep your teens safe when they are out of the road. If you set a limit on their driving times, then it means that they will not be out on the roads when it's really late at night. This action could actually work to save their lives, as a lot of bad accidents happen on the roads after it gets really late. For one thing, roads can become really dangerous after hours when bars let out, and drunk drivers can be out there about to cause an accident. When you impose a curfew on your teen, you decrease the chances of him or her getting involved in an accident with one of these kinds of drivers.

Curfews for driving also teach teens some responsibility. If your teen lives at home still and is enrolled in school, he or she should welcome the chance to learn some responsibility. By setting a driving curfew, you will be setting up important rules for your children to follow that will help them in all situations where they are needed to follow directions. Consider a curfew that will teach your teen that valuable lesson today.

How Curfews Help Parents

For one thing, driving curfews can stop parents from worrying so much about their teens. To have a new driver in the home is likely to be a nerve wracking experience for parents. This is mostly due to the fact that parents know their teens do not have any experience on the roads and worry about what will happen to them out there by themselves. When you impose a driving curfew, you can limit the amount of time that you have to worry about your child being out there in the dark. Once your child is home safe for the night, you can begin to relax.

Parents can also benefit from driving curfews in that they can have full use of the family vehicle after a certain time of night. Parents all have busy lives, and sometimes it's only late at night that they can get certain things done like doing the shopping or returning library books. If your teen has to have the family car home by a certain time, then you can use the rest of the evening to do your own errands and you won't have any conflicts with the driving schedules.

Furthermore, you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance if you impose a teen driving curfew on your child. Insurance companies want to go with those drivers who pose as little risk as possible. Notoriously, teens are more expensive to insure, but if you limit their driving abilities you can bring down the price of some of these costs. Inquire about what discounts you could get if you institute a driving curfew for your teens, and you could be surprised at what you can save.


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