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Teaching Teens About School Safety Zones

When it comes to teen drivers, there is a lot of information that they just don't know. Sure, teens can get some information by taking driver's education courses, but they are not going to learn everything this way. In some cases, it's going to be up to you as a parent to give them the information they need to be safe on the road, like how to overcome driver distraction. One thing that your teen driver may not learn about in driver's education is school safety zones, and you'll need to make sure that your teen gets this knowledge.

A lot of times, safety zones are things that don't even come up for teen drivers. Most of the time these zones are taken for granted. Even license drivers sometimes ignore them, and this can cause your teen to regard them in a very nonchalant way. Before your teenager gets his or her own license, you need to sit down and discuss school safety zones with him or her. Although your teen might not be interested initially, you can convince him or her of the importance of these zones and why they need to alter driving habits when in them.

Importance of School Zones

Your teen needs to understand that school zones are there for a reason. It's to make sure that pedestrians, namely school children, remain safe when they are trying to cross the streets after school. If you can convince your teen driver that these laws are all about safety and security for kids just like them, then you'll have a much better chance of the information really sinking in for them. Make sure that you talk about what happens when people don't obey the school safety zone laws.

It's important for your teen drivers to understand how school safety zones work. Generally, there will be a speed limit sign that signs school zone and whatever the speed limit sign is. Above this there will be a light that will flash when the school zone limits must be obeyed. Your teen should understand that this speed limit must be adhered to at all times if the light is flashing. If it is not, then he or she can proceed to drive within the regular speed limit. Sometimes, all it takes is simply explaining these things for it to sink in.

You also need to talk to your teens about the idea of obeying these laws no matter what the circumstances are. Sometimes, teens are going to have friends in the car and will want to impress them. In doing so, they may decide to go faster than they normally would. This could end up very badly for your team and for someone else who is crossing the road in the school zone. Your teen needs to understand that breaking the law here could end up with some serious consequences that could alter his or her future.

Set an Example

Teaching teens about school safety zones is often best achieved by setting an example. Make sure that you are always driving correctly and obeying the laws when you are driving through safety zones. Also, take the opportunity to point things out to your teen while you are doing so. Make sure that you ask them to tell you things like what the speed limit is when the light is flashing. Doing this will help remind your teens about the best driving behavior to engage in. You want your teens to be as safe as possible on the road and teaching them these things will lead to that.


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