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Telecommute for Cheaper Car Insurance

Telecommute for cheaper car insurance and save big money on your premiums. There are many different factors that go into the setting of car insurance rates and the various steps in buying auto insurance, but one of the most prominent is miles driven per year. Auto insurance is based on risk, and more specifically the assumption of risk. Every time you step into an automobile you risk getting into an accident. Auto insurance companies assume much of the financial end of that risk of accident by taking you on as a customer in exchange for your auto insurance premium.

As a result of that exchange, insurers are interested in finding ways to reduce risk of accidents so that they can reduce payouts on car accidents. One of the best ways for them to accomplish this is to encourage drivers to cut down on the number of miles they drive. The less often you're on the road, and the fewer miles you travel, the lower your risk of getting into an accident and the lower your online auto insurance rate will be..

Telecommuting Saves on Miles Driven

It is tough for a lot of people to really cut into their mileage because so much of it comes from their trips to work. Driving to and from work might take a certain number of miles each day and that mileage may comprise a large majority of the miles you put on your car. But if you could somehow cut that in half, or reduce it even more, you could save tremendously on fuel and other expenses. And with a lot of insurance companies, you could save on premium rates as well.

Many car insurance companies give some sort of discount for low miles drivers, the ones who keep the mileage on their vehicles down under a certain level per year. The specific number varies, but it often hovers somewhere around 12,000 miles per calendar or policy year. There are only so many ways to get down to numbers like these when you have to drive to work every day, but one of the best ones is to telecommute.

Telecommuting is one of the most popular recent trends in companies these days. Some encourage employees to telecommute one or two days per week to save on the cost of running an office and to help employees save money on fuel and save drive time. But others have gone to completely virtual offices, with employees each working from their home office and meeting via secure servers, instant messaging, teleconferencing and other technological means.

Work from Home Saves Money

Working from home saves money for workers because they do not have to leave the house to go to work. They do not have to maintain an expensive work wardrobe. They don't have to spend all the gas money it takes to drive to work. And they don't have to spend the money on cafeteria or restaurant food at lunch. And of course it saves businesses as well. Maintaining a virtual office environment helps them cut way down on building and administrative expenses. But one of the biggest benefits is the car insurance savings employees, managers and company owners can all partake in thanks to cutting down the miles on their daily logs.

More and more companies are making the decisions to allow or even require their workers to work from home. And more individuals are starting businesses that they can run from their own homes as well. On top of standard low miles policies that a lot of different auto insurance companies offer for their drivers, there are quite a few of them that are now offering telecommuter rates for drivers who work from home. The less you drive the less risk you pose to the insurance company. This is true no matter how old you are or how good or bad your driving record might be.

Suggest Telecommuting at Your Company

If you work for a company that currently does not have a policy allowing workers to telecommute but you feel like you have a job that you could just as easily do from home, try suggesting to management that they think about allowing it one or two days a week on a trial basis. The worst that can happen is they don't like the results and things go back to the way they are now. But in most cases, companies that go in this direction find that productivity is unaffected and company overhead goes down. It benefits everyone to encourage telecommuting.

Telecommute for cheaper car insurance rates and help your company save on its own administrative costs while you also save time and money on your commute each day. This is a growing trend that is not expected to reverse any time in the near future. Telecommute and save money on auto insurance and other expenses.


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