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Test Driving New Cars

Test driving new cars is a very important part of the buying experience. Too often we are rushed into making a buy right off the lot, of after a very short spin around the corner. Actually, new car buyers often are more to blame than the salesperson doing her job. In the excitement of getting a new vehicle we sometimes jump the gun and sign on the dotted line without getting a good feel for how the car performs out on the road.

But taking a solid test drive is important in order to make sure that the car you've picked is really the right one for you. This is a major investment and one you're going to have to live with for at least a few years anyway, so take advantage of each customer service rating. Be sure you make the right buy after a test drive that tells you what you need to know about how the car handles out on the road.

Evaluating Ride Comfort

Take the car out, without the salesperson so you can focus on the drive, and think about the ride of the vehicle. Is it a soft ride, or stiff, or something in the middle? Of course this is a subjective thing to think about and assign a value to, but only your opinion matters anyway. After all, you are the driver who is going to be in the car every day. The suspension, and to an extent the seat, will determine the ride of the car. See how it does on different terrains if you can and evaluate that ride. Better understand auto insurance as well as the feel of your automobile when you make careful considerations.

Auto Acceleration and Braking

You need adequate acceleration to navigate the roads and to merge onto freeway traffic, for example. The engine power is the main source of acceleration, but there is also a link here to the transmission as well. A high performance transmission will take you smoothly through the gears and deliver appropriate power as needed to help the car accelerate the way you want it to.

At the opposite end of starting out fast is the need to stop fast. Braking is clearly one of the biggest and most important attributes of cars that we ought to take a look at when checking out new cars. See if the brakes are smooth and if they manage to slow the car without shaking it or jostling you in your seat. Look at the rate at which the brakes work. Some brakes are touchier than others; there are drivers who prefer very responsive brakes and others who want them a little looser. Find the ones you like best and really give them some thought because unfortunately, we will probably need to slow down a lot more often than we really get to speed up.

Steering and Handling

The car's responsiveness to steering maneuvers is also important, as is its handling around turns, over hills, and around gradual curves on the freeway. Good steering and handling are noteworthy in that they basically disappear, allowing you to focus on your drive and not on steering the car. There are many different situations in which these attributes are vital, but they are always important and worth considering.

Test driving new cars encompasses looking at all of these different traits along with any others you find important. If there is any way to take an extended test drive before you buy, definitely take advantage of that chance. Get to know the car before you buy it. New car test drives are important because of all the important information they give us and the insight they can lend into cars we are interested in.


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