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The Future of Myspace

Myspace has historically been a very popular social networking website, although in recent years its popularity has seen a rapid decline. Many people have decided to switch from Myspace in order to use Facebook and this has caused many problems for the company. Through numerous redesigns and changes, Myspace has been unable to bring its old client base back. Although Myspace seems to be losing the battle for the social networking kingdom, it has not given up the fight. Many people still use the site and with even more changes to come, it promises to be a very interesting battle. No one knows whether Myspace will continue to lose members or if the tide of public interest will once again shift their way.

Social Networking Basics

When someone joins a site like Myspace they are doing so to interact with other people online. You can share pictures with friends and family easily by uploading them right to the website. You can then add captions to the photos and comment on other people's material as well. You can decide through your privacy settings who you allow to view your page and therefore you can make the content as safe as you want it. The ability to share pictures so easily with a group is one of the reasons these types of pages are so popular. Uploading everything once is much easier than having to send emails to specific people. Some cameras even have automatic sharing capabilities that upload selected pictures automatically when you plug the camera into your computer.

People also use Myspace in order to network and meet new people with similar interests such as authors or the Miami Heat, or reacquaint themselves with old friends. Some say that high school reunions are not necessary any more because you can see what everyone is has been up to with a few clicks of the mouse. On the flip side many relationships have been put in jeopardy because of online cheating through websites like Myspace. Old flames can easily search for you and this can cause problems with current relationships. This type of interaction was unheard of just a decade ago. It is amazing how technology can change our lives so quickly.

Most networking sites are free to join and they make their money by selling advertising for everything from energy drinks to DWI car insurance to the members. This makes membership easier for the customers to maintain and helps the company have a revenue stream. Many sites use the personal information that is given in the profile to contour the ads on the page specifically for the user. This type of target advertising is more effective and companies are willing to pay more if they know the person seeing the ad actually has a need for their product. Although the ads are not usually obnoxious, most people eventually get sick of seeing one belly fat reducing add after another. Unfortunately this is easiest way to make sure membership stays free.

Turning a New Page

Myspace is trying to make itself more appealing to new and former members. They have tried to corner the market on music and movie web interaction. Many artists have used this site to launch new albums and help sell more concert tickets. Numerous movies have shown extensive and exclusive trailers for the benefit of users. By using things like music and entertainment, they hope to pique the interest of more people. Only time will tell whether this strategy will work. For now, Facebook is ahead by a lot of members, but the Myspace people are not giving up. No matter what, we will keep clicking on the next big thing.


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