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Thierry Henry Soccer Star

After news of the devastating Reggie Bush injury, sports stories continue to dominate the airwaves.  Thierry Henry is a soccer star from France who plays for the Major League Soccer New York Red Bulls. He is a Frenchman from the suburbs of Paris. He has been playing professionally since his discovery by scouts back in the early 1990s. By 1999 Thierry Henry was a huge star, signing a contract with Arsenal in 1999. It was with this team that the footballer really became an international sensation. For almost every season his stay with the Arsenal squad, he was the team's top goal scorer. He became the top goal scorer in team history and won many different accolades for his brilliant play. Thierry Henry became the captain of Arsenal and served in that capacity for the last two years of his stay with that team [1].

Thierry Henry Joins Catalan

After playing for Arsenal for eight years, he signed with Barcelona in June of 2007. In 2009 the team had an incredible season, winning the league, cup, and Champions League. During his time there the team had great success and Thierry Henry was a big part of it. His level of play was still high even though he was beginning to get older. He has been named to the UEFA Team of the Year five times throughout his career [1], an impressive stat by any measure.

New York Red Bulls

In 2010, he decided to play in the Major League Soccer (MSL) league in America. Thierry Henry joined the New York Red Bulls. It was a logical move given the large market of the town and his immense international marketability. Worldwide he is one of the most recognized athletes and is the spokesperson for numerous brands and products.

Thierry Henry has also had a great deal of success with the French national team. The French squad won the 1998 World Cup and several other major tournaments with him on their roster. He is the all time leading scorer for the French national team, a reflection on his tremendous abilities and his long duration of service with the team. After getting married to model Nicole Merry and having a daughter with her, Thierry Henry divorced her in 2007 [1].

Throughout his career even in its early years, Thierry Henry has proven to be one of the most dynamic and exciting players the sport has ever witnessed. His style of play is a thing of beauty to sport enthusiasts, and as a spokesperson for products his level of success is great because he's so recognizable and so attractive. As the next part of a long career continues to develop with the New York Red Bulls, it is interesting to keep an eye on Thierry Henry and see what he can accomplish on the field even after 20 years playing professionally.

Things appear to be going well for him, as this soccer star recently put down almost $15 million on a posh apartment. The big city life appeals to stars like these, whose personalities even seem to transcend their prodigious talents. If the man were not a soccer player, perhaps he'd be a jazz pianist or a pitchman for a national car insurance company. With this kind of money, there is no way Thierry Henry has to worry about car insurance costs and finding a free auto insurance quote like most people. For ordinary everyday folks it is sometimes fun to consider the way the stars live and think about how their existence seems to be on a whole different plane from our own. Thierry Henry is truly one of the greatest soccer players of his own generation.

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