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The Tina Turner Story

Not every celebrity is having as tough a year as Wesley Snipes - Tina Turner has been entertaining people with her voice and dancing for more than fifty years. She has been such an important part of the music industry for so long that people call her the queen of rock and roll. With a voice that can soothe your pain one minute and shatter glass the next, her vocal range and style has never been repeated. Tina Turner has one of the most recognizable catalogues of music in the world, and people everywhere adore her. Her amazing career is only heightened by the story behind her rise to fame and the amount of adversity she had to overcome. She is admired for her talent as well as her persistence and for being one of the best female performers of all time.

Tina's Early Years

When Tina Turner first entered the limelight, it was with her then husband Ike. Together they had many hits and soon became famous for their songs and live shows. While they were often lauded for their performances, the horrible management of Ike soon caused problems for the group. It was later revealed that he was both physically and emotionally abusive to Tina Turner as well as other people around them. After many years of ups and downs both personally and professionally, Ike and Tina Turner split up and got divorced in 1978.

After the divorce, Tina Turner was left with a lot of debt and not much else. Her first few solo albums were relatively unsuccessful, and it seemed almost hopeless for the once budding superstar. She had come so far, and now it looked as though she would have been beaten down again. Even through all the adversity Tina Turner did not give up. She continued to perform and record in order to further her career. Even though everything was not going as she hoped, she still persevered and did not give up under the hardest circumstances. This determination is the characteristic that is the most admirable in her personality.

Her New Successes

Following several professional failures, Tina Turner released the Private Dancer album. The record was a huge success and Tina Turner finally had the comeback that she deserved. From then on she began touring and releasing more successful singles. Her singing and dancing became popular around the world, especially in Europe. Her songs are now anthems that are sung by men and women of all ages. Her voice is filled with such emotion that you can hardly help but get swept away into the moment. She had come from such great depths and clawed her way back into the light. This power can be felt in every note she sings.

Not only has she had success in the music industry, she has also won awards for her performance as an actress. She has acted in a number of films and songs that she has performed on soundtracks have become popular as well. The only thing she hasn't done is student car insurance commercials. She has shown to be a woman of many talents. Her determination paid off and now she is known as the legend that everyone else aspires to be.

There are not many people who can claim to have a career in the music industry that spans as many decades as that of Tina Turner. She is the ultimate comeback kid, who through sheer grit and will showed the world what true beauty really is. By believing in herself and never giving up she has been able to live out her dreams. Her music will be a tribute to her legacy that will be remembered for all time.


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