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Tipping Cleaning Staff at Hotels

When you're on a family vacation, you're likely to turn your hotel into the same mess that you do when you're at home. The great thing about this is that you're not going to be responsible for doing all of the chores that you would be responsible for at home, just worry about what games to play while traveling to your destination. Whichever hotel or inn you are going to stay with is going to take on the responsibility of cleaning your room for you. While this is a great luxury, it's something that you should be thankful for and show it.

Most of the time, people don't stop to think about the individuals that spend their days making sure that their hotel rooms are clean. This is unfortunate because these people spend a lot of time making sure that families are able to have a great time when they are on vacation. The next time that you are on vacation, you should stop to think about these people. They are going to be the ones that enable you to spend more of your time having fun and relaxing rather than cleaning up.

Etiquette for Tipping

When you stay in a hotel and someone comes in and cleans your room, it's going to be in your best interest to leave them a tip. This is important, especially if you plan to stay in one of these places again in the future. Before you do leave a tip for the cleaner, you should spend some time thinking about how much to leave and when to do so. It's going to be different depending on where you are, so it will take some thought before you can decide and choose the right amount to leave.

Deciding on an amount to tip is something that you will need to consider carefully. For one thing, you should factor in the caliber of hotel that you are staying in. If you are staying in a really nice hotel where the service is going to be excellent, then you may want to tip a bit more to the cleaner. If you are staying in an economy hotel, then you may not want to spend so much money in leaving tips. Decide on what a good, small percentage of the nightly fee is and then use this as a means of figuring out a tip to leave.

When to leave the tip for your cleaning person is also something that you need to think about. If you are going to stay in your hotel for a long time, then you may decide that you want to leave a tip at the end of each week. However, you may decide that you want to leave your tip at the very end. Keep in mind, though, that your tips may really be appreciated if they come earlier in your stay. You may notice that you get much better service if you start leaving tips early.

Be as Courteous as Possible

When tipping cleaning staff in hotels, make sure that you try to be as courteous as possible. Just because you are staying in a hotel does not mean that you should just throw things on the floor and not try to pick up after yourself. You should try to pick up some things when you can and make an effort to put things in the trash. If you do this, then it's going to be less of a hassle for your cleaning person and less of a hassle for you as well. By doing a little work, you can make everything a lot better.


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