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Tips for Courteous Driving

Tips for courteous driving include some simple and practical ways that we can become more polite and passive behind the wheel. Many of us are aggressive drivers by nature, and this is something that becomes more pronounced in those who log the most miles every day. Make an effort to become more courteous behind the wheel and your drive will become more enjoyable and less stressful, and you will also reduce the chance of getting into an accident.

Driving Slower for Safety

One of the things we can do to be more courteous out on the road is to simply slow down. Stay under the speed limit and you will be easier to share the road with. Don’t clog up a lane that you are not at the right speed for; in other words, if you are driving the speed limit on the freeway, you probably need to avoid the left lane in order to let faster traffic pass through and drive with courtesy.

Courteous driving especially on the freeway also includes giving more following distance between you and the car in front of you. Don’t tailgate, and allow plenty of time to stop if anything happens forcing you to do so. If someone signals their intent to enter the freeway or merge in front of you, let them in as long as doing so won’t endanger you in any way. Courteous drivers recognize that they are not in a race with all the others on the road, and they make their best effort to share the roadways in a friendly manner while keeping their vehicle running smoothly, all the way down to replaced headlight bulbs.

Eliminating Road Rage

One of the worst developments that the highway system and increased traffic in general have created through the years is the increase in road rage. People that are otherwise perfectly reasonable and easy to get along with the rest of the time, all of a sudden become terrors when they get behind the wheel. If you want to make your drive to work more enjoyable and less stressful every day, make it a point to avoid road rage. If someone cuts you off, for example, try to recognize that they are probably not trying to ruin your day, but are probably just running late and trying to get out of traffic the same as you.

Perspective goes a long way when it comes to road rage. Don’t take everything that happens to you so personally and you will be much less likely to get mad enough to act irrationally. For starters, the all important first step is making the effort not to drive aggressively. If you aren’t competing for every square inch of asphalt with every other driver, you are likelier to let things slide off your back when you get cut off or you miss your exit because no one will let you over.

Patience and Driving Courtesy

It is hard being patient all the time, and it is definitely a challenge to always be courteous behind the wheel. But for too many drivers, we have such a warlike mentality when we drive that we are almost looking for things to get mad about. If you can avoid that mentality right from the beginning, you are more likely to avoid accidents and the resulting car insurance rate increases that inevitably follow.

Learn how to be more patient behind the wheel and recognize that this, like anything else, is really a learned behavior. Practice safe driving, learn all about defensive techniques, follow the law and the rules of the road, and do everything you can to follow tips for courteous driving.


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